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July and August 2015 Blog Income Report

Horray! Earnings on this little corner of the internet were WAY better than the last couple of months.

But of course, higher earnings usually means higher expenses too. I’m not complaining, though, because the net is still a lot higher than it has been the last couple of months and I don’t have to put too much time or effort into earning this income due to the team I have on-board here at RDS.

If you can believe it, I’ve owned the site for just over a year now, and in that time it has definitely been a fun and financially lucrative adventure. The summer was very slow in terms of income. I’m always amazed that one month this site earned over $2,000 and other months it earned $200. That’s why I just treat the additional site income as the cherry on top to my monthly income and don’t rely on it too heavily to live. I am really happy with the way things have gone on this site in the year I have owned it. We’ve paid out lots of $5 PayPal payments to help people with their debt, and there have been a ton of great stories on here!

Here’s the official report for July and August income:


Affiliate and Direct Advertising: $1,260.00


Help With the Blog: $517.63 (As many of you know, I have help in the form of virtual assistants here on RDS, and I also pay to regularly update the technical side of things.) – This also includes renewing my hosting for the year.

Guest Posts: $10.00 (We pay $5 per guest post to help people with their finances.)

So, Earnings – Expenses =

Total Income: $732.37 in profit

How was your July and August?

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Erin Thompson spent years managing her own blog about budgeting and debt. Because of that, she has great insights not only about managing spending and borrowing but also about running websites profitably. When she's not writing articles for us, she's traveling and looking for new types of wines to try.
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