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July 2013 Recap & August 2013 Goals

July 2013 Recap & August 2013 Goals

Is it really August? Really?


Life. Is. Insane. In July, I moved out of my apartment in Cleveland and into a suitcase. We took a six day trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto, spent a few nights at Dad’s, went on the annual family cabin trip, and drove to Chicago, Mount Rushmore, Denver, Colorado Springs, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and L.A. (and through some boring places in between) as part of (most of) our cross country move. For anyone wondering, I should be in Portland tomorrow night. Eeep!

I’ve tried a lot of new things this month! Mostly food. But it’s still new. Visiting another country (Canada!), riding the subway, ice wine, going to a nude beach, Couchsurfing, guacamole, Greek food, and In-N-Out were all first time experiences for me in July. I am brainstorming a post about how crucial it is to try new things. Stay tuned.

Too much to put in this post. That’s why we have trip recaps.


What do I even say here? I’ve been on vacation all month. I spent this much in Canada and I haven’t even started tallying up the road trip costs yet. Yowza.

I made $497.24 in freelance income this month and $650.00 on the rest of my furniture.

I also made $1,272.75 in debt payments!


This month, I was obsessed with Same Love by Macklemore, Couchsurfing, and Instagramming.


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Secure another freelance gig. PASS! I picked up a one-off gig and helped launch economag! Kicking ass and taking names, like I do.

Lose 3 pounds. FAIL? No clue because I haven’t settled and unpacked my scale yet. But my guess is no.


This is the month for getting back on track. I need to kick these goals’ asses.

Add a HIRE ME page to the blog. I can’t believe I haven’t done this yet!

Inquire about at least 5 freelance projects. Gotta hustle to make up for my little quarter-life crisis.

Revamp my resume and send it out to at least 30 companies in Portland. Whether it’s full or part time, I need to find something! My freelance projects don’t bring in enough yet, but I’m confident I’ll get there soon.

Read a personal finance book. I’m thinking The Millionaire Next Door, thoughts?

Transfer old 401(k) to a Roth IRA. Anyone have a recommendation for me? I am leaning towards Vanguard.

How was your July and what are you hoping to accomplish in August?

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