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Saving money tips for smokers: Is vaping cheaper than buying Cigarettes?

Does Vaping Help You Save Money Compared to Buying Cigarettes?


According to a report published by the Food Drug and Administration, over 1 million Americans were using e-cigarettes daily before it finally got regulated. Even after banning several psychoactive substances found in a vape, the vaping industry continues to spread its wings.


You can still consume non-combustible tobacco products (also known as electronic nicotine delivery systems). If you want to know more about this, there are many vaping blogs out there, but I found that Vapolution is one of the best resources for vaping, marijuana, and CBD products. This post is intended to help you choose between vaping and smoking.


What is Vaping?


Originally, vaping was suppose to be an alternative to conventional cigarettes. It did help millions of smokers quit smoking but eventually evolved into an independent drug.


Although there is no shortage of skeptics who think vaping is harmful to health and should be regulated even more strictly. Vapes are available in the form of a pen (also known as e-cigarettes). They contain synthetic substances such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Hence, the uncertainty.


Vaping vs. Cigarettes: Which One Is Cheaper?


There is no one answer to this question as vapes are available in a variety of juices. With a conventional cigarette, you do not have to purchase an additional accessory. Just buy a pack, and you are good to go. Such is not the case with vaping. If you plan to live the frugal lifestyle, make sure you check out my friend’s blog called Fruclassity. It has some great content on personal finance. Back to Vaping!


Mainly there are four types of expenses:


  • Vaporizer : $20-$35
  • Atomizer : $10-$15
  • Vape Juice: $7 per 30 ml
  • Battery: $10


A vaporizer cab last for more than two years. Although, you do need to replace the battery after one year of usage. Generally speaking, a single battery lasts for 300-350 puffs. The more you use the vape, the sooner the battery will expire.



An atomizer is a key to the vaporizer. It converts the juice into a breathable aerosol. It is a device that emits fluid in tiny amounts. You will need to replace it every two weeks. It doesn’t cost as much as people think.


Coming to the vape juice, average quality juice costs less than $10 for 30 ml. Expensive ones can cost $30 per 30 ml. Needless to say, you can save a lot of money by buying vape juice online in bulk.


Assuming that you already have a vaporizer loaded with new batteries, the habit of vaping will cost you around $1.40 each day. Usually, people vape $6-8 ml in a day. Consequently, the weekly cost of vaping is $9.8.


An average smoker smokes about 2 cigarettes a day. According to Expatistan, a package of Marlboro cigarettes (20 units) in Los Angeles costs $9.


The cost of one cigarette is $0.49. Assuming you smoke 2 cigarettes a day, smoking costs you $0.98 per day, and $6.86 a week. Calculating weekly expenses, smoking a conventional cigarette will save you $2.94 compared to vaping.


Can you vape CBD oil?


Yes. Originally, vaping was supposed to replace cigarettes but with the legalization of Marijuana, many people choose to use vaporizers to vape CBD oil.





In this post, I have compared the expenses involved in smoking and vaping. I have picked a decent quality and compared the costs against America’s favorite Marlboro lite. Turns out, vaping involves $2.94 additional expenses than smoking. It is up to you to choose the obviously healthy alternative.



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