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Is Buying Instagram followers a waste of money?

Hey there! This week’s blog post is about the controversial subject of purchasing likes and followers to try to look more popular and kickstart your business. This article will talk about the pros and cons of doing so, so you can make a wise decision and see if this marketing method is right for you and your business.

Should you buy Instagram followers for your Business in Australia or in Canada?

I get tons of Australian and Canadian readers asking me this after reading our blog posts about starting a new business.

The answer is not that simple. I am not here to promote the purchase of Instagram followers of Facebook likes, but I am not completely against it either.

The disadvantages of buying Instagram followers

Before you read this blog, I suggest taking a look at this article about buying Instagram followers on It just explains exactly what happens when you purchase likes or followers for your business in Australia or in Canada. I prefer this article on Medium because it’s neutral, and not biased like on other news sites where they just want to blow things out of proportions for the sake of sensationalism like in this blog post on Vox.

Basically, if you are planning to grow your followers or likes and then paid for advertising on Facebook or Instagram so that your posts reached all your followers, then buying fake followers is a bad idea, because not only it will cost you more each time you promote a post or buy an ad to send it to your ghost followers, but it will also dilute the percentage of people that actually click on them, comments or like your post.

Instagram and Facebook have fancy algorithms that measure your engagement with your followers and that way it can guess or understand if you are actually creating good engaging content that deserves to be ranked higher on their search engines or even features at the top of the hashtag searches.

The advantages of buying Instagram followers

No one the other hand, if you have a small business like a plumbing company or a  roof repair company, chances are that no one really cares about following you and getting updates from you, so buying Instagram followers or purchasing Facebook likes from Australia might be a good idea just to boost your amount of likes and look more popular, which can help increase your conversion rates and profits a little bit.

That’s pretty much the only advantage. You have to be careful because these days a lot of Instagram users are aware of influencers buying fake followers and they like to manually check their followers to see if they are fake or not. So if you do want to buy some, I would suggest asking the company that you will buy them from to show you examples of what the followers’ profiles look like. They should at least ‘look real’, by having a profile photo and maybe a few photos posted on their account, and a few followers too.

What if you buy followers then regret it later?

The good news is that it’s not a big deal if you buy followers and regret later. I found some companies that even offer you a service to remove your followers for you which saves you tons of time. I didn’t personally use them so I don’t know if their service is good or bad, but a friend of mine says he did buy from them to boost his numbers for about 1 year, then he used their likes removal service after 1 year as he grew a lot of organic followers and was ready to start paying for advertisements.


So in summary, buying Facebook likes or buying Instagram followers in Canada or in Australia if a pretty simple way to quickly look good, you just have to do your homework and make sure that you use a company with good reviews.

If you do decide to buy some, please don’t think it’s magic and it that your business will skyrocket afterward… You should focus all your time and effort doing real marketing, like SEO, and growing your business online and also offline.

If you have any comments regarding this blog post or if you want to share your opinions or experience regarding buying followers, feel free to do so in the comment section below. I will monitor each comment manually and if you have some ideas pros or cons that I did not cover in this blog post, feel free to share them as well and I could edit it and add more content to help other readers.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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