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The world is changing constantly, with the amount of technological advancements taking place in it. Things are not the same as they were a decade earlier. Businesses around the world have grown tremendously and have seen unprecedented growth over the last decade. The culture of startups has flourished like never before. More and more individuals now aspire to be entrepreneur, turning their innovative and creative ideas into sustainable business solutions. But the backbone of these startups and business ideas is investment. The investment required for turning the ideas into practical business is what matters at the end for starting a business. Not only for starting a new business but investment may also be needed for existing entrepreneurs to find investors for their new projects or for expansion of their business. But is it really that easy to find an investor for your business? No it’s not. And choosing the right investor amongst a set of potential investors is also a hell of a job, which requires a thorough understanding and deep thought process of its long term impact.

An entrepreneur searching for a right investors needs to enquire a lot and should have relevant queries that makes the investors feel as if they are partnering with someone and not just signing a cheque for someone. The entrepreneur should enquire about the previous investments and about why the investor is interested to invest. Also it is important to know what excites the investor the most about the company. Other things to know are like what else apart from money the investor is going to provide. Also knowing about the type and specific areas of previous investments and their current situation is very important. Entrepreneurs need to realize that when they look for investors, they look for partners and not just any person who is funding them. Entrepreneurs should choose the investors by taking into account all the pros and cons of the investment. They should be able to feel the passion in the investor to really work as a team for turning your idea into a great business.

Another important aspect to be kept in mind is that being truthful and honest with your investor while presenting them the idea and future projections is very important for a healthy relationship and smooth financial flow. One should not hesitate to tell all the shortcomings and even lower projections in case of adverse situations. This makes the investors feel that you are cautious enough, are aware and being honest with them. This increases your chance of getting a good trustworthy partner as an investor in your business idea or project.

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