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How to Pay for a Coding Boot Camp

Are you curious to learn how software applications and websites work? Or you are someone who already has a college degree in computer science and wants to learn something that will help you land your first job? Whatever your current situation is, attending a coding boot camp will boost your chances of getting your first job as a software developer.

The only problem is, coding boot camps are very expensive. For a short immersion program of 12 weeks, you have to be willing to shed $11,000 from your pocket. Are you prepared to pay such a huge amount?

Here are a few easy ways to pay for a coding boot camp. Don’t let money get in your way.

1. Convince your employer to pay for the boot camp

This trick might work if you are excellent at your current job and want to upgrade your skills so that you can provide more value to the organization. Your employer is more likely to pay for the coding boot camp if you have already proven your worth. An employee who is driven and works hard for the organization is an asset and there is no reason why the company won’t provide additional training.

2. Crowdfunding


Raising money might be a good idea if you believe in yourself and your ability to get a guaranteed ROI(Return on investment) from a coding boot camp. Crowdfunding is a great way to raise money on the internet. A bunch of people who believe in your vision will chip in with a small amount and help you make your dream a reality. Start a campaign on platforms like WeFinance for free and get found by the top lenders.

3. Placement based plan(Pay after you are hired)

Some top software development training institutes are willing to train bright students having the right mindset to become a great software engineer. Institutes like AppAcademy offer a Placement Based Plan with which you can get free training and can pay once you have a secure job. There is no risk with such training programs.

4. Get a scholarship

There are some amazing coding boot camp scholarships available based on your merit, gender, occupation, race and military background. Scholarships from schools like Caroline Code School help you launch a career as a software developer. This is a Greenville, SC-based training institute that provides over 25 different scholarships to students enrolled in their 12-week immersion program.

Many such coding schools are proving excellent scholarships to students who deserve it the most. CareerKarma has a huge list of coding schools.


Coding boot camps are getting more popular with the rise of software technologies like Angular JS, Blockchain, React, Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, etc.

Young students are curious to learn these technologies as there is also a great demand for young programmers in the current job market. If paying for a coding boot camp is stopping you from attending one of these programs, you should try one of the methods mentioned above.

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