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The Booming Blockchain Job Market

Blockchain has been around for a long time now. But in recent times, it has started making an impact on the market that no one saw coming like it did. Blockchain and bitcoin, both have escalated themselves as a staple example in the market. This has been directly responsible for a sudden boom in job requirements for blockchain developers. And it is showing no sign of slowing down, with the industry and companies actively looking for blockchain developers and paying them a hefty salary.

According to Sweatcoin Guide, recent data showed that the demand for blockchain developers went up over 300 percent just this year. This is one of the biggest boosts in demand seen for any genre of job in recent years. And it doesn’t just stop there, as the data also shows that the companies hiring blockchain developers are paying them an annual standard salary of a minimum $150,000, which is on an average $20,000 more than the standard salary software developer.

What makes this make more sense is the shortage of the availability of blockchain developers out there. While the job requires its employees to know programming and computer languages, there’s one wild factor that seals the deal and makes one a certified blockchain developer, Cryptography. Knowing about cryptocurrency and its workings is the main requirement for the job, and since there aren’t many courses out there with this as a specialty, the number of proper blockchain developers are less. This increases their demand more in the market and ultimately works in their favor as they get offered more money. Even the demand for freelancers grew over the past couple years by over 3,500 percent! These freelancers further get an opportunity to get a full-time job if they do good.

Although the benefits of using Blockchain are still not clear, companies have started investing a lot of money in this medium because of its huge potential. These companies have a separate division for blockchain, and many of them have several initiatives to reap as much profit from it as possible. Some of these companies are IBM, Facebook, Microsoft, and many more. Just the fact that the biggest companies in the world have started investing capital on this source should be a good enough indicator of its seal of approval.

The speed with which the job market is invested in blockchain is reminiscent of the work in artificial intelligence and high-end engineering jobs. This only serves as an affirmation that this is what the future of the industry is and this idea is being appraised and accepted with open arms. However, the regulatory status of the blockchain industry in the USA is still unclear, this is being accepted worldwide, and we might get to hear soon about what those regulations are. One simply cannot ignore this strong of an asset to turn in huge profits.

So, if you’re looking to get into something, make sure you choose blockchain, especially if you have a background in some programming skills and don’t mind learning about cryptocurrency before getting started.

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