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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Ah, the 14th of February. It is a day of love, ardor and affection. It is also a massive drain on your bank account. Valentine’s Day is one of the most commercialized celebrations in the months after Christmas and the New Year. Taking your significant other out to dinner alone could cost you upwards of three figures.

If you are saving up, you simply can’t afford to lose this much! However, does this mean you have to have a boring V-day? NO! Short of taking your partner out to play the games of poker and blackjack casinos in your area are sure to offer in the hopes of winning big, there are a few things you can do to have a wonderful time while saving all that money.

Of course, some people have all the luck. There is always the lucky devil who gets taken to a casino on any day of the year and manages to win a huge hand. If you’re feeling lucky, you could always visit a site like and give it a shot. It could be the perfect V-day gift if you do win big!

However, barring this, instead of submitting to the widespread commercialization of the day, why not celebrate how it was truly meant to be? Commit random, simple acts of love through the day to show your SO that you care for them more deeply than money can reach. There are many ways you can tell them this, and here are a few of them that DON’T wreak havoc on your wallet:

A book of passes

This is something gaining popularity in recent times. Does your partner wish they had more time to do a special activity? Visit a certain place with you? Cook a special meal and taste it too? Well, create your own book of passes and coupons and give it to them this Valentine ’s Day. They can redeem these coupons with you to get the treat described on it, at any time during the year. This way, your expenses are spread over the year, and they get to be overjoyed all year long!

A view to die for

Surprises are the best kind of surprise (duh). Drive your partner to a special place with a stunning view. Blindfold them so they don’t know where you are going. Think a cliff overlooking a valley with a city below, or the rooftop of the tallest skyscraper that it is legal to go on top of, or even a romantic, secluded beach with the sun setting on the horizon. Bring along a blanket, wine and food and you have yourself the perfect, uber-romantic picnic on V-Day.

Book club

If the two of you share a passion for reading good books, why not take her to your own personal library for the day? Buy, or borrow all the books that you have wanted to read together, and read them at the same time. Share your experiences and thoughts as you go along. Even better: read to your partner so that the experience is far more intimate and personal. Try borrowing a book that is cute to the point of making a “normal” person nauseous.

There is much that you can do to make your lover’s day special. However, remember that every day with the person you are meant to be with is just as special. Keep in mind that going along with the flow and buying expensive gifts of jewelry and star-class dining can lead to you being in a very troubled financial position. Try things like romantic picnics, libraries and others that are cheap, beautiful and allow you to have privacy to celebrate your commitment (and your wallet remaining intact!).

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