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Movies That Will Motivate You to Get Over Your Midlife Crisis

Midlife crisis—we all have to face it one point or another.

There are many ways to deal with the problems we face as we leave our youth behind. However, doing nothing and sulking is not one of them. Doing something, at least watching a movie, is better than ignoring your problems.

Sometimes, we all need a little pick-me-up to help us face reality. Not talking about alcohol, here. If you are looking for some motivation to handle your midlife crisis, here are a number of excellent movies that might help:

American Beauty

If you think you are having it bad, wait until you see how bad Kevin Spacey’s character in this Oscar-winning movie has it. He’s past 50, his marriage is a sham, he hates his job and is all around very dissatisfied with his life. Sounds familiar? His way of getting over it all might shock you, but this movie will certainly give you perspective.

Last Vegas

What do all over-50s wish to do right now? Go to an indulgent city and spend and party with no care in life? That can help with a midlife crisis, probably. Anyway, that’s exactly what Michael Douglas does in this movie, also known as the geriatric Hangover. If you want to see a character doing all the things you wish you could as you go through this midlife crisis of yours, sit down and watch this movie. Whatever you do after the end credits have rolled is your business.

The Bridges of Madison County

This sweet Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep classic just might be what you need to brighten your day. The story follows a middle-aged couple who finds passion in their very dispassionate lives. It’s a beautiful romance and an excellent portrayal of longing we all feel as we get older. In the very least, you will get to enjoy some steamy scenes between two of Hollywood’s most well-known actors, and forget that you ever got old.

It’s Complicated

Another hit by Meryl Streep, who once again plays a middle-aged woman who suddenly finds love, with Alec Baldwin. Streep is a recent divorcee who ends up romantically entangled with a married man. Who doesn’t yearn for adventure no matter the age, especially a romantic one? So, sit down, grab some popcorn, and enjoy a movie that you wish you could act out in real life.


This Disney animated movie is nothing but pure, unadulterated fun with a strong social message. Sometimes, the best way to think clearly about our problems is to not think about them for a while. So, clear your head with this highly-acclaimed movie set in a metropolis populated by anthropomorphic animals. At the center of this colorful extravaganza is a gripping mystery and soulful characters who will transport you to a happy, much less miserable land for two hours.

For more pure escapist fun, you can try watching Red, Expendables, both of which have less than five young characters. Or, you can re-live the good old days before movies had gaudy CGI by watching classics such as Gone with the Wind, Thelma and Louise, and of course, any Clint Eastwood western.

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