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What Buyers Really Want From Real Estate Agencies

Not all real estate agencies are created equal. For property buyers, finding the right team to work with is often the difference between finding suitable property options within their budget and options that are anything but suitable. An agency like Templeton Property can help link buyers with suitable properties based upon strict criteria. When it comes to finding the right agency to assist in the property search there are some characteristics that all buyers appreciate.

Understanding of the Market

Buyers want confidence that their agent has crunched the numbers and can provide the hard data on expected rental yields. They want to see the agent sourcing available properties in the right locations to secure future capital growth. They want to know the agency they are working with has a good understanding of the local market, and that the properties that are presented all offer solid investment potential.

An Agent That Can Save Time

Buyers want a responsive team who say yes instead of no, and who can work to strict timeframes. Often buyers are pressed for time themselves, therefore the need for an agent to present suitable options to save time and resources in the property search is essential. It also goes without saying that a good agent should always respond in a timely manner to calls and emails, and show up on time for inspections.

Communication and Negotiation Skills

A good agent is one with impeccable negotiation skills who can effectively act as the mediator between the buyer and potential sellers. Buyers expect an agent to be able to do the legwork in negotiating a better price or to help in the bidding process at auction. They should possess all of the negotiation tricks of the trade. But it’s not enough to effectively negotiate; being able to explain and communicate to the buyer the outcomes of their efforts and what they are doing to help the buyer is just as essential.

Confidentiality and Honesty

Buyers appreciate discretion when it comes to their identity, especially for luxury purchases and when dealing with multi-million dollar transactions. Having confidence and trust in the agency is also important. No buyer enjoys feeling like facts are being misrepresented, or like a false urgency to speed up the sale was created. That’s why a buyer’s best friend is an agency who they feel has their best interests at heart and acts with honesty and transparency at all times.

A good selection of suitable properties

Finally, buyers want an agency with the networks and resources to find them a good selection of properties. The agency should be able to cast their net in places where the buyers may not have access. This can include offering property opportunities before they are released online and finding suitable properties that tick as many of the boxes of the buyer as possible.

A good agency is one that can present a number of different properties based on the criteria of the buyer. With their local knowledge and communication and negotiation skills, a good agency can greatly assist a buyer to find their dream home.

Have you ever worked with an agency that was less than ideal? How did you handle that situation?

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