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Best Airline Mileage Credit Cards

When looking for a credit card that will give you rewards on travel miles, you should start by looking at the features, as you would when shopping for any credit card. Since there are so many credit cards that offer rewards for airlines, you don’t have to give up a low APR or some other positive attribute of a card to get a good mileage rewards program.

Credit cards and air travel go together like hand and glove. The number of credit cards that offer discounts on travel, and in many cases even have established rewards programs centered in travel, continues to increase. Maybe this is because so many flights and trips are paid for by credit card. Of course, this can be said about many purchases today.

To state the obvious, credit card purchases account for a large percentage of all purchases. Anyway, most consumers are less concerned with why this combination is so prevalent, and more concerned with how they can get in on the savings.

With the increase in gas prices, traveling by plane is often less expensive than driving long distances. If you can find the right airlines credit card, then the savings can be even greater.


What kinds of travel rewards are available through credit cards? Some of the most popular airline rewards programs offer free air miles. With these programs, frequent fliers are able to steadily accumulate free miles that can be used for a free flight, or the miles can be traded in for hotels, rental cars, gift cards and more.

Other rewards include travel upgrades, gift cards, vacation packages, and some programs allow for cash back in exchange for flier miles. Rewards can also include free baggage checks, priority boarding and seat upgrade. 

When these credit card contracts use the term miles, as in, you earn miles, it is simply a means of keeping score. Miles represent points, or a form of currency. Since they can be exchanged for virtually any rewards offered by the card, they are like money. The more miles you have accumulated the better rewards you can get.

Best Credit Cards for Travel:

Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa Card has a variable APR of 12.99% – 22.99%, and offers an introductory rate of 0% APR for 12 months. This makes the card a reasonable choice for a primary credit card, and that is the first step to choosing a good airline card.

The factor that makes the card a strong candidate as the best travel rewards credit card is that it offers 5% off certain purchases. The drawback is that you cannot be certain which purchases will qualify for the 5% and when they will qualify. However, if you should find travel-related purchases in the 5% category, then the saving could be substantial. Also, rewards earned from other purchases can be used to purchase airline tickets.

Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card allows cardholders to earn 1.25 air miles for every $1 purchase. More miles can be gained in the first three months of obtaining the card when cardholders spend more than $1,000 in that period. The number of additional miles they gain when passing the $1,000 purchase mark is 10,000.

Miles can be traded in for airline tickets, rental cars, hotel stays and other rewards. There is no rush to use your miles once you have earned them, because they do not expire, and there is no limit on the number of miles you can accumulate. Another great feature with this card is that you can use your miles on any airline, and there are no dates during which your travel will be restricted.

The VentureOne has a variable APR of 11.90% – 19.90%, and there is no annual fee.

Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard—Excellent Credit requires that applicants have excellent credit to qualify. There is no annual fee attached to the card and the regular APR (variable) on the card is 14.99% – 24.99%. The introductory rate is 0% and lasts for 12 billing cycles.

In terms of reaping rewards, the best aspect of this card is that you earn 2 points for each $1 purchase. These double points can be accumulated and used to purchase airline tickets.

British Airways Visa Signature is issued by Chase Bank and is best suited for frequent travelers with excellent credit. Once you obtain the card, if you make a minimum of $2,500 in purchases in the initial 90 days, then you receive a bonus of 50,000 miles.

With this Visa card, you earn 2.5 miles with each $1 purchase spent on reservations made on British Airlines. Miles can be earned when using other airlines, but at a lesser rate. Flights on airlines other than British Airlines allow you to accumulate 1.25 miles with each $1 spent.

Regardless of which card you choose as your airlines and travel card, remember that all the rewards will probably not benefit you if you do not pay off your balance each month. This is true on all of our mileage credit cards selections. Keep this in mind and you’ll maximize the benefits on the best airlines miles credit card that you have chosen.

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