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7 Things You Can Downsize Right Now

A lot of people in metropolitan areas have recognized the need for downsizing the materialistic things they posses. The intent behind downsizing is to save money, energy, and space. You can call it a frugal living tactic, but downsizing is the only way to upgrade your lifestyle living in an urban area.


Here are the 7 things you can downsize right now. Don’t forget that it can also out some extra cash in your pocket.

1) Furniture

Make a list of furniture in your home that is either unused or oversized. The things on this list could be removed from your house or replaced with smaller alternatives. For instance, a family dining table is a surplus if you have only two people living in your home. Downsizing furniture will put more cash in your pocket and de-clutter your life.

2) Vehicles

Getting rid of gas-guzzling vehicles will save you a lot of money. You can sell your car or motorbike to an auto dealer and get a good price for it. Also, it is a lot cheaper on gas to have a motorbike than a car for a person with no family.

If you absolutely cannot stand the thought of giving up your SUV or gas-guzzling car, then consider hypermiling everywhere you go to save money on gas.

3) Books and magazines

It is true that good books are meant to read again and again. But there are some books like reference guides, magazines, academic books, etc which become outdated after a couple of years. Keeping these books in your home will not do any good for you.

4) Wardrobe

Cupboards and wardrobes are closets used for storing clothes. Ideally, one wardrobe should be sufficient for each person in your home. But, since you are thinking of downsizing, you could share one wardrobe with another family member and save your space and money.

5) Musical instruments

Like good books, musical instruments are tough to let go off. Get rid of any musical instruments from your house that you do not intend to learn or play in the future. You could donate it to a charity or sell it for a good price on an online buy/sell platform like eBay.

6) Home appliances

Home appliances like refrigerator, toaster, kettle, microwave, blender, etc are really great to have in the kitchen. But when left unused, they can occupy a lot of space. Also, some of them consume power and increase your electricity bills. If possible. they should be sold online.

7) Footwear

Your footwear collection needs to be regularly downsized as you could easily rack up a lot of them in your shoe cabinet. People usually buy shoes for activities like running, weight lifting, calisthenics, etc. If you are an active person, you need to check which pair of shoes to keep and which to discard. Getting rid of shoes that don’t fit well, worn out, or are surplus can free up a lot of space in your shoe cabinet.



Downsizing has always been related to a home or office space. But, you can also downsize other things like your debt, credit card usage, going out on weekends, etc. Since the goal of downsizing is also to save money and energy, you can achieve it by avoiding things that are outside of your budget.

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