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Why I’m Still Paying for my Gym

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about 4 things I wouldn’t do to save money. You can add another one to the list today. I’m not willing to give up my gym membership to save money and help myself get out of debt faster. I love working out at my gym and though it’s kind of expensive at $80/month, I usually feel like I’m getting my money’s worth by going at least 3 times each week.

Like I said “usually” I get my money’s worth. Lately I have not. Last night was my first night back in the gym and I can tell you taking 18 days off from working out was painful. Literally. And yet, I loved it!

It was great to be back and get my sweat on! With that said, here are just a few reasons why I am going to continue to pay for my gym membership even though I know I could get out of debt much sooner if I wasn’t paying for an expensive gym.

Motivation and Inspiration

For me, my gym membership is worth it because it keeps me motivated to workout. Yes, you can workout without having a gym membership, by following workout videos, running outside, etc. But I’m the kind of person that needs others to keep me accountable (which is why I started a blog). Knowing that my gym’s trainers will call or text me if I miss my usual workout sessions keeps me motivated to keep going.

There are also a lot of members of my gym that are highly inspirational to me. There are members of all ages, backgrounds, from all professions, and at all fitness levels. There’s always someone to look up to and aspire to be like. This also helps keep me going back.

It’s a Community

Everyone at my gym is very encouraging. We have several social events at the gym throughout the year that may, or may not, have anything to do with working out. We enjoy each other’s company even when we’re not working out.

In case you’re wondering, my gym is a Crossfit gym and it is very community oriented. All workouts are class workouts. Some are partner workouts and others you suffer through alone, but at the end everyone is encouraging to the members who are still working. There’s no one who’s discouraging to those of us who are not as fast, as fit, or as strong. Everyone wants to get a good workout and improve, and we all work to help each other improve too. We celebrate each other’s successes and help support each other’s failures and setbacks, including things like cancer diagnoses and any injuries that may occur.

Fuels my Competitive Nature

I’m a very competitive person and because there are plenty of members at my gym at all fitness levels, there’s always someone for me to aspire to be like and work to beat. I know lots of people, including some of our trainers, say you shouldn’t compare yourself to others but I just can’t help myself. I have to win!


I work harder if I have someone to work with or to work toward beating. 🙂 That’s just how I am.

It’s About Health

The most important reason I keep going to my gym is because it keeps me working toward bettering my health. That’s never a bad thing and it’s worth the cost in my opinion.


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