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5 Reasons You Should Take up Cycling

Cycling, like every other fitness discipline, runs up against the same complaints. You don’t have the time, you don’t have the energy, or you just don’t like cardio. At the end of the day, these are just excuses – and once you’re enjoying the benefits of cycling, you’ll find it hard to believe you ever put up such a fight in the first place.

It’s time to ditch those negative mindsets and get motivated to cycle. Here’s why.

1. Fitter for Cheaper

Unsurprisingly, the act of getting on a bike and moving your body is among the most beneficial things you can do for your health. The total cost of a bike, its maintenance, and the relevant riding gear is often cheaper than a gym membership. Double-check how much you pay per year for the gym and then compare this with how much you’d pay for a bike that will last you years – particularly if you choose a model from a specialist bicycle retailer like 99 Bikes. You’ll be surprised at the difference.

2. Destroy Your Commute

Cycling to work conveys a multitude of benefits: no more paying for fuel or parking, no more depending on an unreliable public transport system, and contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment too! Not only that, you’ll get a heap of exercise and it makes the perfect cardio accompaniment to your daily weight-training regimen. With cycle paths becoming more popular installations in urban and suburban areas, there’s never been a better time to leave the car at home.

3. Recover Faster from Injury

If you’re recovering from an injury that cost you a lot of strength or muscle-mass, cycling is a fantastic way to get moving again. It’s far gentler on your joints than running or jogging, and it’s accessible to a wide range of fitness levels and age groups that other activities are not. Best of all, you can start with indoor cycling and exercise bikes attached to video monitors and then move out into the world as you get more confident.

4. Turn it into a Hobby

Taking up cycling can allow you to explore new areas of your neighborhood and local area that you never would have otherwise. You can also transition into different kinds of riding – mountain biking, road racing, and other variants that all provide new perspectives. Health benefits aside, owning a bike can be a lot of fun even when you aren’t riding it, especially for those who are more mechanically minded and like to tinker and learn about new systems.

5. Socialize!

There’s a misconception that cycling is a very lonely pursuit; that just isn’t the case. Cycling clubs exist all around the world and there is almost certainly one near you. Joining a club or having a few friends along can make a long ride feel much shorter and can also gain you useful advice from other enthusiasts.

There are so many more reasons to get out there and get on a bike – these are just five of them.

Have you taken up cycling before? Are you ready to begin? Do you run a cycling club?

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