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4 No-Nonsense Tricks To Saving More Money This Summer

The summer is a difficult time to face your finances. Not only is the weather finally cooperating — letting you host the family’s Fourth of July BBQ and sit on your favorite patio— but it’s a season full of distractions. There are tons of things for you to do. From outstanding chores and catching the latest Marvel movie in theaters to traveling and working on your tan, you have a lot on your list. In all the excitement, your finances don’t always make the cut.

It’s a misconception that you’ll have to miss out on the fun stuff just to focus on your finances. If you want to make sure you get through the season with better savings, you should follow these simple money-saving tips.


1. Travel like a blogger

Now that it’s summer, most people will have traveling on the mind. Your wanderlust can be a bitter pill to swallow if you don’t have the finances to back up your dreams. It’s often the cost of airfare that grounds your travel plans, but if you’re crafty, you can find a way to avoid the priciest seats. Jen Ruiz, a travel blogger who vowed to complete 12 trips in 12 months, offers her techniques for finding the cheapest way to travel. Ruiz managed to tick off destinations like Ecuador, Aruba, and Morocco from her bucket list, spending just $70 for her cheapest return ticket.


2. Borrow like a Millennial

The media calls them a lot of things, but you can’t call these special snowflakes and trophy kids bad with their money. Though they make less than any other generation that came before them and face harsher economic conditions, the latest stats suggest they’re managing to save more. They’re a frugal generation that uses every tool available to save money.

When they find their savings short, this generation turns to online financial services in greater numbers than any other generation. They’re skipping the usual credit cards or cash advances through the bank to take advantage of FinTech alternatives provided by online lenders. Online lenders like MoneyKey offer a faster, more convenient way to access short-term loans by eliminating much of the red tape that delay and complicate the traditional borrowing experience. You can find installment loans online from MoneyKey as easily as tapping your fingers on your phone as you navigate their app. In some cases, you’ll be approved for your installment loan after one business day, so you won’t have to wait to cover an urgent bill or repair.


3. Cut out impulse spending

You think nothing of that daily vente Americano misto you grab before work nor that extra beer at the bar when you’re watching the game. That’s because, on their own, these tiny purchases barely scratch a dent in your finances. It’s their cumulative costs that hold the true power over your checkbook. Put together, they leach money from every paycheck and minimize what you can put into savings.

A budget can help you eliminate these mindless purchases because it offers you a macro view of your finances. This new perspective forces you to confront reoccurring themes, like bad spending habits, that limit how much you can save. Try eliminating these habits one at a time, so you aren’t burnt out by restricting yourself.


4. Eliminate FOMO

Standing for the Fear Of Missing Out, FOMO is more than just a popular hashtag on Instagram. It’s a negative state of mind that can push you into spending far more than you should, forever chasing the next big experience or expensive item. Examine why you feel compelled to overspend just so you can curate an enviable IG profile. Meanwhile, avoid social media and other platforms that you know can trigger your FOMO and lead to overspending.

Don’t let a season of distractions stop you from making positive changes to your finances. Follow these practical financial tips to help make saving money easy, no matter what you get up to this summer. They’re so simple you can do what you want and save while you’re at it.

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