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Ways I Save on Fashion and Shoes

You all know that I like to have a wardrobe full of the latest fashions and trends. But I am on a limited budget these days, so I’m not able to always buy a ton of items for each new season. Now I have to be much more selective about the pieces I choose to buy. One thing I do try to do to make sure I can buy a larger quantity of new items is that I try to bargain shop. Here are my tips for getting some of the latest fashions without spending an arm and a leg.

Shop Sales

I’ve signed up for my favorites store’s physical mailing list so I get coupons in the mail when they start new promotions, and I also signed up for their emailing list too. I have a special folder set up in my email account to filter these types of emails out from my regular emails so I don’t get overwhelmed by having so many new emails every day. Then when I get ready to go shopping, I can easily find the e-newsletters with coupons and discount codes to help me save on new fashions.

Shop Online

I love to shop both online and in-stores. In fact, sometimes I do actually scout things out and try them on in-store before I search for and buy them online. Online shopping has really made retailers more competitive. Many retail stores now offer to get your size or a particular color you want and ship it to your door if they don’t happen to have it in store. Thank you online shopping for creating this competitive environment! I do shop for shoes online because it’s usually pretty easy to find discount websites that carry popular brand name shoes for way less than you’d pay in store.

Shop Out-of-Season

Shopping at the tail end of each season is a great way to find deep discounts. For instance, I always buy my new winter coat (for next winter) in February or March. At that time of year, selection of styles and sizes is more limited, but if you can find what you want the price is usually much cheaper than if you had bought the same coat in November or December.

Though all of these methods can help you save on the latest fashions and accessories, having a budget and shopping list in mind before you hit the stores, physical or online, is the best idea of all.


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