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Top 7 Financial Modeling Courses

Looking for the best financial modeling courses? That’s what this article is all about.

Financial modeling is a crucial skill in industries worldwide. It’s a valuable skill employers look for in prospective applicants and allows candidates to stand apart from competitors. In addition, this in-demand skill allows businesses to forecast their performance and take measures to enhance revenue margins.

Financial modeling is the process by which a company can extract the summary of its operations to make impactful decisions for the future. Executives and entrepreneurs use financial modeling to grow their companies and make profitable decisions.  Investors can use financial modeling to help them make money in the stock market.

In short, financial modeling allows a company to predict its future and viability.

As demand increased for financial modeling, here are a few reasons why individuals should consider doing a course on it:

  • It helps candidates come across as experienced.
  • It helps businesses analyze data efficiently for better decision-making.
  • It opens vast employment opportunities for candidates, for example, banking, insurance firms, finance institutes, research firms, and more.
  • It’s a crucial skill for those building a career in finance.
  • It offers a promising career compared to traditional jobs.

Financial modeling is offered at local colleges and universities. However, there are other ways to acquire this skill. For those pressed for time and way beyond college years, there are short and online courses you can take to learn the skill at your own pace. This is a great way to refresh your skills at your own pace.

With the job market growing increasingly competitive, it’s crucial for new candidates and seasoned employees to upgrade their skills. If you want to take a financial modeling course, check out our list below for the top financial modeling courses.

Wall Street Oasis

Financial Modeling Courses

Developed by professionals, the Wall Street Oasis financial modeling course allows students to choose from topics within the subject or study it as a whole. The website offers students dense information on topics like:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Financial statement modeling
  • PowerPoint
  • DCF modeling
  • LBO Modelling
  • M&A Modelling

The list doesn’t stop there. Wall Street Oasis also offers courses on applied machine learning, Python, cash flow models, and even real estate modeling. In short, it offers an excellent array of financial modeling courses that have made students and seasoned professionals more successful in their industries.

Henry Harvin

The 9-in-1 course offers students 40 hours of live training and classroom sessions, including projects, internship support, certification, and placement. The course also offers students a one-year membership, entries to hackathons and boot camps, and tons of tools and valuable study material.

It consists of six modules and offers complimentary learning on soft skills and resume creation. The course thoroughly covers financial modeling; for example, the following topics are a few of many:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Financial reporting and ratio analysis
  • Financial management in corporate
  • Modeling on equity research


Financial Modeling Courses

Coursera offers a financial modeling course from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Online school. The course allows students to learn from some of the world’s best financiers at a fraction of the cost, with better value for time and a solid name on their resume. In short, this is a great way to learn about statistics, financial diversification, investment, and financial modeling.

The dates for the course are pre-set, and students have the advantage of accessing pre-recorded lectures. You can study the course for free or complete graded assignments depending on your subscription. Upon completion, students have the option to buy their certification. 

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is a pioneer in all things business. It now offers members access to lucrative resources, adding Financial Modelling Beginners Foundation as a course. The course equips students with skills in Microsoft Excel, Financial Modelling, and Corporate Finance.

The course also covers topics on banking models, different kinds of financial modeling across industries, investment models, and using 3-statement financial models. In short, this course has helped individuals understand data analytics better than before and prepared them for work in the corporate and banking sectors.


Financial Modeling Courses

Proschool offers students an opportunity to learn financial modeling to improve their careers. Great for new graduates, MBA students, and entrepreneurs, the financial modeling course equips students with valuable skills by discussing:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Corporate finance
  • Equity research
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Project Finance

This course has also benefited those who want to refresh their skill set and is excellent for beginners, too. In short, the Proschool course is a great way to learn about financial modeling, especially if it’s of new interest to you.

IMS Initiative 

The IMS Initiative financial modeling course is excellent for seasoned industrialists, investment bankers, and professionals. Allowing students to choose between distance learning, classroom learning, and live online training, this course offers students a combined certification from various institutions at completion time.

The course offers over 70 hours of training via industry experts, 24/7 access to online material, live project opportunities, and more. This course allows students to explore a wide range of topics, including:

  • Project finance modeling
  • Report writing and sector review
  • Overview of various industries
  • Investment banking and finances
  • Advanced financial modeling concepts
  • Corporate financial management


Forbes is a pioneer in all things finance. The financial modeling course offered by Forbes allows students to understand the basics of financial modeling with user-friendly learning materials, different subscription packages, and a free trial. It’s an excellent option for newbies.

Bottom Line: Financial Modeling Courses

The Forbes course doesn’t issue a certificate upon completion but offers a holistic introduction to those new to the field. It also serves as a quick refresher to those already in the field and offers valuable information for business and finance students.

For an employee, financial modeling skills allow you to take on more impactful roles at your workplace and, in the long run, promise an excellent career. For firms and corporate, financial modeling is an excellent way to gain a deep insight into your business and make a guided decision. 

If you’re interested in growing your career as a finance professional, the world is your oyster.

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