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Tips for finding English Teaching Jobs Overseas


With many people taking ESL class every year, the demand for qualified teachers will never be high and in various markets, the need for the well-trained instructor will never be met. This indicates that an English teacher who has internationally accredited TESOL/ TEFL certification always have highly transferable and marketable skills. Getting jobs even after completing TEFL courses is not that easy and one is required to willing and proactive to use every available resource. The following are some of the tools one can use to get quality job opportunities all over the world.

Job boards

There many of the ESL online job s providing a list of various teaching opportunities in various parts of the world. Some of the job boards are bit general listing jobs available in all parts of the world while others are enclosed to a certain country or specific region. In some cases an individual can apply for a job directly through the link or in other cases contact information is given. There many popular and well-established job boards which one can consider.

Contacting schools direct

If an individual is looking forward to working in a certain city or region then he or she can be advised to contact schools directly. It quite much easier contacting ma school while one is around and requesting an interview that day. Some of the websites provide a range of lists of school available for a certain region. There are many opportunities for english teaching jobs in China available for qualified teachers.

Placement agencies and recruiters

In most regions or countries most of the English teachers are hired via recruitment agencies and recruiters. Some of the recruiters have a better reputation than others hence an individual should research more to find the best recruiter to work with. It is highly advisable that a person should not pay any amount of money to someone so as to be helped to get a job and the only money which should be invested on is the TEFL certification.

Network and word of mouth

Reaching out to other English teacher is a good way of learning about schools and available job opportunities especially if an individual is in the region or country he or she is willing to teach. One should research more on areas where local teachers usually meet and socialize and try to meet with some in person.

A web search of English languages schools

Most language schools usually have websites for customers searching for languages classes. Some of these websites are translated into English while others have an icon with the British flag that leads to translation. Some of the schools have listed their English teachers while others do not and that does not imply that they do not require English teachers. Therefore one should find the phone number or email and request for the hiring director so as to get english teaching jobs in China.


The above information is necessary for every individual planning to look for English teaching jobs overseas. One should research more on the above tips in order to win job opportunities from regions they wish to live and work there.

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