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The Most Valuable Rare Coins in the World

The concept of value and money work on strange principles. You don’t know what the copper penny that you are holding in your hands unknowingly might be worth 100 years down the line. It seems really absurd to see some of the coins with printed value 1 penny being valued at millions of dollars. It’s like the value of everything depends on how abundantly it is found in the world, even money which has a definite value printed on it. We present to you a list of the most valuable rare coins in the world.

1. Flowing Hair Silver/Copper Dollar from 1794/5

Just imagine a one dollar coin being valued at 10 million dollars! No, it’s not insanity or a dream, it’s the reality. The first ever dollar to be minted after the establishment of the Federal Mint has an image of Lady Liberty flowing her hair. Minted between the years 1794 and 95, the coins are made of 90% Silver and 10% Copper and a single coin were sold at a price of 10 million dollars at an auction in 2013.

2. The Double Edge Eagle 1933

This is a coin that never saw the light of a single transaction to be ever made by using it. The Double Edge Eagle Coin with a printed value of 20 Dollars was first minted in 1933 but was never released because President Franklin Roosevelt banned anyone from owning gold to ease the financial crisis. Though never released to the public, 20 of these coins slipped away from the mint press and are now worth almost 7.6 million dollars.

3. 1907 Saint Gauden’s Eagle Gold Coin

This is another coin which never saw much circulation in its life. The Eagle design by Saint Gaudens on this coin proved to be too difficult for the United States Minting Press to print so their Chief Designer designed the coin in a much simpler way but omitted the phrase “In God we Trust”, this created havoc within the Congress and finally the coin was taken out of circulation. Not many of them were ever produced that is why they are rare and valued around $7.5 Million.

4. The Brasher Doubloon Gold Coin minted in 1787

A talented goldsmith known as Ephraim Brasher petitioned the New York government in 1786-1787 to mint his design of coins in Copper, but these requests were denied by the New York State Government because they didn’t want these coins. Ignoring the orders of the government, Brasher started minting these coins in Bronze and Gold and it is these rare gold coins that are today valued at 7.4 million dollars.

5. 1343 Edward III Florin

Only 3 coins of this variety are left today. Minted in 1343, these coins are one of the longest surviving coins in the world. Consider how many coins have been lost during circulation some get lost by people, some get lost by the government, some go out of circulation but these coins have been around for more than 675 years, that’s why they are valued heftily at 6.8 million dollars.

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