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Stepchild Faves – June 2015

So, with the launch of Cat’s Get Paid to Write for Blogs course earlier this week, I really have no idea where June went.

I spent a week out of town for my FT job and between that and the extra hours I’ve been logging for my online business, I think I lost a month of my life, haha. At least I enjoy my online work, or it would be dreadful!

At least this is a 3 day weekend, so hopefully I’ll get to be extra productive AND get a little down-time too.

As always, here are top 5 fave posts from the month in no particular order:

Done by Forty – Linear Assumptions are Bullshit Ok you guys. I pretty much loved this post because it reminds us to not assume that things in our life will happen on a linear basis. We can’t plan for everything that will happen – we might get laid off, we might have a medical crisis, or we might win the lottery. No matter which of these things happens, it will not be on our radar if we made linear assumptions about our finances.

Debt Free Divas – F.A.I.L. Forward – Overcoming Financial Setbacks This post is awesome! We all make mistakes and experience setbacks in our lives – financial and otherwise – but it’s how we react and what we do next that matters most. This post reminds us that even when we fail, we are still ahead for trying and we should keeping on going!

Money Propeller – 101 Actions That’ll Never Make You Rich Taylor put this extensive list together of things that we do that will not make us rich, or fuel our goal of becoming rich in the future. Chances are high that you are making at least one of these mistakes.

My Stay at Home Adventures – How Technology Transformed the Way We Manage Our Finances Joyce penned an excellent post telling us several of the ways that technology has changed the way they deal with their money. It includes things like tracking spending, budgeting, and even making money.

Color Me Frugal – How to Break the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle – Too many people live paycheck to paycheck and have their entire balance spent before the bank even deposits their paychecks. Dee give some great ideas about how you can break the paycheck to paycheck cycle if you are currently on that path.

That’s it for this holiday weekend. We have you have a great 4th of July holiday and don’t spend too much money on fireworks. 😉

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