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Scoring Colored Contacts That Match Your Eyes and Wallet

Colored contacts have become a transformative accessory in fashion and self-expression. Celebrities like Nina Dobrev, Priyanka Chopra, and Selena Gomez are rocking their colored contacts.

Whether you want to enhance your natural eye or go for a bold and dramatic look, colored contacts provide a versatile and exciting means of expression. However, changing eye color is more challenging than switching hair colors as you consider many factors like color choice and price.

If you are thrilled by the allure of colored contacts, you should understand what they are. There are so many things to know about colored contacts before buying them.

What Are Colored Contacts?

Colored contacts are standard contact lenses dyed with biologically compatible dyes. These dyes give color to the surrounding portion of the lens, making it opaque. However, the lens’s center remains transparent so the wearer can see the world through them.

Most of the time, people wear colored contacts to change the appearance of their eyes. You can wear them for cosmetic purposes or combine them with your prescription.

Colored contacts come in various types, ranging from visibility and enhancement tints to color tints. Choose one depending on your needs and requirements.

Visibility Tint 

These contacts come with a minimal tint. They make it easy for you to find the lens in your lens case or spot it effortlessly once you have dropped it. Also, the tint makes it convenient to take on and off lenses.

Visibility tints usually have light blue or green hues. If they are less tinted, they do not change your eye color. So, these lenses won’t be an option if you want to switch to a different eye color.

Enhancement Tint 

The enhancement tint is darker than the visibility tint. The enhancement is solid yet see-through. As evident by the name, these contacts enhance the natural color of one’s eyes. So, if your eye color is a bit lighter and you want to make it vibrant and more prominent, you need to get enhancement-tinted lenses.

Other benefits include properly defining the outer circumference of the iris and increasing light reflection on the eyes.

Color Tint

Lastly, you have colored tints on the lenses, also known as opaque tints. These contacts are non-transparent and can change one’s eye color. Color tint lenses are worn mainly by people with darker eye colors. You can get them in various colors: violet, amethyst, blue, brown, hazel, green, and gray.

According to the statistical data for 2023, grey and hazel are the most worn colors. The former is linked to making your eyes look attractive, while the latter can make them look interesting, keeping the hues between lighter brown shades.

Things To Know Before Buying Colored Contacts


Don’t go with charming colors or shades if it costs you comfort. Almost all expensive contacts come with the utter comfortability of wearing and removing.

However, comfort and safety become the main concerns when getting cheaper ones to save a few bucks. So, think twice before deciding, as poor-quality lenses can cause eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision when irritating your eyes.

Some properties of comfortable colored contacts include:

  • When you put your colored contacts on, you shouldn’t feel anything.
  • They don’t cause irritation or boning sensation, leaving your eyes all teary.
  • You can see through them clearly without any issues.

If you face any of these issues when wearing contacts, remove them and replace them with good-quality ones.

Contact Care

When getting contacts, ensure they are easy to clean. You don’t want to order contact with complex instructions. Some basic care instructions include thoroughly washing and drying your hands before holding the contact lenses. Never clean your contacts with soap, saliva, detergent, tap water, or other non-contact solution.

Also, do not wear your contacts over the maximum time the provider mentions. Consider getting continuous wear-colored contacts if you must wear them for an extended span. These are thinner and are breathable, allowing more oxygen to enter the eyes.

Lots of Options

Just like dyeing your hair color or painting your nails, you want multiple contact lens options. It can be difficult to pick a color because they all look beautiful. However, you want to determine certain factors, like your skin tone, hair color, and more, when choosing one.

For instance, mist gray, light gray, and dark blue will best suit fair complexions. For medium skin tones, try shades of green, like gemstone green or mist green. For darker skin tones, rely on hazel, honey, and shades of brown.

Moreover, if you have blonde hair, the best compatible color contacts will be violet, gray, blue, and green shades. People with darker hair should wear dark shades, like purple, violet, and more.


When buying, you want to look for sales and discounts because no one likes to pay full price. Compare prices with other brands to see where your budget aligns. Some brands can be more expensive than others, so you want to see how much you are willing to spend. You can even check with your insurance to see if they cover it. The goal is to shop and save at the same time.

Always Order From a Reputable Retailer

Lastly, you should order your colored contacts from a reputable retailer. Either get suggestions from family members or friends who wear contacts or research on your own.

Before ordering any, you want to check the brand, read their contacts’ descriptions, and check the reviews. Once you research whether the brand is reliable, you can start picking out your colored contacts. You want to be satisfied with your purchase.

Top-Notch Colored Contacts

1. Olens

Olens is a Korean-colored contact brand known for its fashionably trendy and healthy lenses. The brand believes everyone can have beneficial colored contacts regardless of their skin, hair, eye color, and shape.

Olens wants everyone to be satisfied with their purchases. It is also committed to making contact lenses safe, reliable, and affordable for people worldwide.

Another thing you don’t have to worry about is the price since there are sales and discounts. They want it affordable to all, so you don’t have to worry about being broke. Prices start at $21, which is very reasonable for contacts.

2. Solotica

Since its establishment in 1949, this contact lens brand has provided a diverse range of natural-looking colored contacts. Solotica offers six alluring lens collections with distinct colors and qualities. These include Aquarella Daily, Hidrocor Rio, and Hidrocor Rio. You can also purchase yearly, quarterly, monthly, or daily collections.

This brand is known for its comfort, quality, and realistic appearance. Many influencers and celebrities use this brand, so you know it is legit.

The price is reasonable compared to other brands. Prices can range from $28 to $119, depending on your needs and wants.

3. Air Optix

The next reliable brand is called Air Optix. Whether you have dark or light-colored eyes, their top-notch contacts collection has something to offer you! These contacts are treated with innovative SmartShield ® Technology that places an ultra-thin protective barrier over lenses, preventing them against deposits and making them comfortable to wear.

The main highlights of the products include breathability, outstanding color enhancement features, and an easy-to-remember monthly replacement schedule.

4. Anesthesia

Anesthesia Color Contact Lenses was launched in 2014 to provide various colored and medical lenses to suit multiple prescriptions. The brand was born in Kuwait years ago, but all its lenses are made in South Korea. They come in three distinctive collections.

The contact gives people’s eyes a pop of color, giving them a unique and captivating look. The best part is all of the contacts are US FDA-approved, meaning there’s no need to worry about quality and comfort. This brand is a bit more expensive but still popular.

5. Moody Lenses

Moody is a visionary brand known for its avant-garde colored lenses. It was designed to give people a natural look every day. With various colors, you have many options to choose from.

Moody Lenses embraces the art of self-expression and discovery. Its philosophy is to have people experiment with different colors, like makeup. By experimenting, you can discover yourself or your aspirations through the lenses.

Their contact lenses were designed with unique color and texture in mind, along with the world’s leading manufacturers in R&D. All lenses are also FDA and CE-approved, so they are comfortable and reliable. They also offer discounts and hold sales so that you can save a lot of money in the long run.

Finding The Best Colored Contacts

Colored contacts are more than cosmetic appearance. It is an art for self-expression, creativity, and transformation. Whether you want a natural look or to disguise yourself as someone else, colored contacts allow you to explore a unique style and identity. By finding the right brand to match your personality, you can surely be satisfied with your purchase.

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