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How to Save Money on Your Next Holiday

When it comes to expenses, the only things that can rack up more cost than booking a holiday are major purchases, like buying a car, and buying a house. While holidays aren’t strictly an essential household expense, nobody’s going to argue that the further you are from your last vacation, the more stressed you’re going to feel. Add to that the worry of spending too much on a holiday – no matter how much you deserve it – and you may find yourself feeling under more pressure than when you started. Hardly the best holiday feeling!

As with everything else, of course, there are a bunch of different ways you can cut back on vacation costs, like avoiding a vacation at peak times. A surprisingly simple way that often passes people by is by booking a private villa rental instead of going with the tried-and-trusted plan of checking into a hotel.

If you’ve got a big family or loads of like-minded friends, you’re already one step ahead! Villa, chateau, and holiday home rentals are generally better suited to bigger groups, and as you’ll be paying a flat rate for the entire property, the more people you can get in, the better (and cheaper per person!) everything will be. Some places can be snagged for ridiculously low sums once they’re filled – as little as $15 per person per night in some instances, though $25-$30 might be better as a general guideline.

Not only will you be saving money on your booking, a villa holiday helps you keep your expenditure in check during the whole of your stay. While most hotels are packed into the center of town (tempting you out to spend those big bucks shopping and eating out in the city) villas are often a lot more rural, giving you the chance to experience authentic food and drink for a fraction of the cost. If a bit of countryside indulgence is still out of your budget, many villas come fully equipped with amazing kitchens, so you can save on food during your break by cooking exactly what you want when you want (and a washer-dryer means you’re not beholden to astronomical hotel laundry bills to boot).

Clos De Chinon - Arcachon Bay Luxury Villas - Oliver's Travels
Clos De Chinon – Arcachon Bay Luxury Villas – Oliver’s Travels

But it isn’t just about saving your pennies – there’s the question of value for money. Where booking a hotel room gets you a bed, shared facilities and a tiny coffee pot, a luxury villa booking gets you a whole lot more. An entire property to call your own, shared communal spaces and the luxury of privacy whenever you want it. Better yet, the vast majority of villas come with their spa or own private pool (so there’s no sharing or staking out a place on a sun-lounger!) and many have gorgeous grounds and gardens that are perfect for chilling out or playing with the kids –all for less than the average price of a hotel room.

Unlike hotels, where the goal is to fill up as many empty rooms as possible, villa companies such as Oliver’s Travels have a large and varied portfolio of properties, so the choice is yours when it comes to location, price and additional services. You can tailor the holiday to totally suit you – without ever having to worry about checkout times, snooty reception staff or racking up a huge bill on the minibar!

How else do you save money on your vacations and holidays?

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