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Advertiser Disclosure: We may have financial relationships with companies listed on our site. We may receive compensation for placement of sponsored products or services and this may affect our decision about who to promote and where to promote them. We make every effort to be authentic and accurate with every article we write.

Reviews at CashBlog

CashBlog can publish an unbiased review of your website, product, or service.

This might be helpful to you for a number of reasons.


One is that it helps build trust for potential customers when they see reviews published by third parties. We’ll try to rank in Google for the review so that potential customers who look up reviews of your business will see it.

In addition, you can reference the review on your own website. You can have an “As Featured In” section, or otherwise direct people to the review. This is another mechanism that can increase the confidence of potential customers.


There can be an SEO benefit to having a review done if you own a website. This means that it gives your website a little more juice in Google’s eyes and might help to improve your rankings in Google searches.  In other words, it could help grow your website traffic.


If you’d like to have CashBlog publish a review of your website, product, or service, then keep these things in mind:

  1. Our reviews are unbiased. They reflect our own opinions.
  2. Not every business is a good fit for us to perform a review on.
  3. It helps us if we can have a sample of your product or service. This is up to you, but a sample helps us write a more detailed and informed review.
  4. The cost of the review is $245. If you mention the review on your website, then there would be a deep discount (ask us for more details).

If you’d like to move forward with the review, or if you have questions about it, please reach out any time to


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