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Last Minute Christmas Shopping Anyone?

You all know that the end of the year gets crazy busy right?! I mean, it’s the busiest time of the year at my full-time job, plus it’s my first holiday season as a freelancer too so I just wasn’t sure what to expect this year.

I have planned ahead for what I want to get most everyone on my Christmas list, but there are a few people who are pretty difficult to shop for. I’ve been looking for the “perfect” gift for a while now and I think I might have finally found something suitably awesome at Uncommon Goods. That dog totally looks just like my friend’s beloved pooch. Did you check it out? I’ll give you a minute to do so and then don’t forget to come on back…

Ok, are you back? Great!

As I was saying, I’ve got most of my Christmas shopping done, but I was still lacking gifts for a few select people. Luckily Uncommon Goods has some really neat things at lots of different price points. If you aren’t comfortable shelling out for that awesome dog portrait, maybe you can find something equally fitting in their “under $50” category.

FYI: If you want to send me a gift, I’ve got my eye on this awesome cuff!

If you’re looking for even cheaper more budget-friendly gifts, they also have a ton of great ones under $25! Now that’s my kind of shopping. 🙂

This money clip has PF blogger written all over it:



Last but not least, Uncommon Goods also has a huge amount of stocking stuffers left in stock. (See what I did there!) With so many to choose from, I’m glad I decided to hold off on buying my stocking stuffers until now.

If you’re not done with your Christmas shopping yet, you should totally check out the unique gift ideas at Uncommon Goods.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? For those of you who said yes, are you enough of an overachiever to have all the wrapping done?

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