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10 Lucrative Jobs You Can Do Without Ever Going to College

Who says you have to go to college to get a good job? College graduates do indeed make more money than high school graduates on average. Of course, the average is simply a general statement. Some professions let you make a significant amount of money without needing to go into student debt. Here are some of the jobs that you can do without a college degree and earn a livable wage.

1.     Website Developer and Designer

Everything nowadays is online. That’s why demand for talented web developers and designers are rapidly on the rise. No one asks you which college you went to when they want you to design their website. What they want to know is how well you can develop a website, and in some cases, your professional experience. You can learn how to build a website at home with a computer and an internet connection. Once you master the art, you can earn as much as a college graduate, and even more than some art design graduates.

2.     Online Advertising Manager

Forms of advertising have rapidly shifted to the online platform in the past several years. Most companies, individuals, small businesses, and organizations seek expert help in managing online ads. You don’t need to go to college to advertise online. All you need is real-world knowledge of how online ads work. You can earn as much as $87,000 doing this job with plenty of opportunities to increase your income as you gain more experience.

3.     Medical Secretary

Despite what some may think, medical secretaries are not doctors or even nurses. They are assistants and secretaries who work for doctors. Obviously, you don’t need to go to med school for this job. Medical secretaries only need to know things like how to organize a schedule, arrange appointments and so on. Because these secretaries work for doctors, the salaries are really good.

4.     Blogger

Blogging has become a profitable secondary source of income for many, and for some, a money-making full-time job. Successful bloggers can annually earn as much as a college graduate with a Creative Writing degree. Your main income will come from online ads. If you can create a big brand, you can earn even more money by publishing books, sell merchandise, and even perhaps sign movie deals.

5.     Real Estate Mogul

A real estate is a popular form of investment that most people tend to dabble in as they get older. You don’t need degrees in architecture to sell a property. If you find a good commercial location, with some sharp instincts, you will be able to become a millionaire.

6.     Stenographer/Court Reporter

The average income of a court reporter or a stenographer is $48,000 per year. That’s more money than even some arts graduates make. All you need is a keen ability to type what’s being said at the court.

7.     Heating and Refrigeration Mechanic

Everyone wants their fridge repaired if it breaks. The people who come to the rescue are mechanics who can fix your home. These mechanics only need to be skilled in the tradecraft. Once you finish an apprenticeship or get a trade qualification, you can earn as much as $43,000 per year.

8.     Investor

Investors don’t need highly technical financial knowledge to earn money. Anyone can invest as long they know the industry

9.     Cosmetologist

A cosmetologist is a fancy name for a makeup artist. Cosmetologists don’t need degrees, but sometimes a certificate or a diploma from a trade school helps. What really matters is how well you can do makeup. If you are really good, you can make good money in the big cities.

10.     Insurance Agent

The income of insurance agents can vary. But moderately experienced agents can earn as much as $47,000. Insurance agents have also seen their employment rate grow by over 20 percent since the recession. This is a job that requires work experience, not degrees.

As you can see, there are plenty of jobs where you can start earning money without having to spend a fortune on student debt. If you are unsure of going to college, you can start gaining professional experience in any of the above jobs.

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