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Ingenious Ways to Get Free Internet Access

Are you searching for ways to get free internet access? Whether your motive is to save money or something else, there are new ways in which you can connect to the internet without paying a dime.

How do I benefit from using a free internet connection?

The cost of stand-alone internet service in America is $60 per month($720 per year). Cost-cutting is the number one reason behind using a free internet connection. Especially, if you are in debt or are desperate to add something to your savings account. For an average American, $720 is a huge amount and most people will go to any length to save it.

Here are some ingenious ways to get free internet access on your smartphone or desktop computer. You no more need to pay for Wifi.

1. FreedomPop

Founders of FreedomPop live with the motto that “the Internet is a right and not a privilege.” It is a Los Angeles internet service provider that offers various internet plans which also include a free data plan. By subscribing to this service, you can easily save $300 – $1000 per month.

You can either buy their CDMA phone or order a sim card for your GSM mobile phone. They also have a mobile phone app that you are required to install to activate the free internet service.

2. WifiMap

WifiMap is a revolutionary mobile app that has made the task of finding and connecting to free wifi hotspots a piece of cake. This is how it works: Users share exact locations of the wifi hotspot in they are currently using and the wifi seekers simultaneously get updated on the available hotspots.

Next time you are vacationing abroad, don’t forget to download and install this app. You can use free internet without having to worry about buying a new local SIM card.

3. NetZero

If you are someone who wants high-speed internet directly at your house, NetZero might be the right choice for you. You get 10 hours of free internet per month. The only condition is, NetZero is an old-school company and still provides a wired internet connection. So, if you already use a landline phone in your house, you should consider switching to NetZero to enjoy 10 hours of high-speed internet service.

4. InstaBridge

InstaBridge is a Swedish company that has to build a smartphone app to unlock wifi passwords of the popular places in your region. Whether you are in a cafe or a mall, you can unlock the password of the wifi networks available there.

It also has an auto-connect feature which identifies the safe-and-secure connections and connects your phone to those without manual intervention.

Similar to WifiMap, InstaBridge is also quite popular amongst the backpacker community. Backpackers are known to be extremely frugal and they constantly look for ways to save money. With apps like InstaBridge available, there is no way they are going to pay for the internet.


The services and apps mentioned above are completely free of cost. All you have to do is subscribe to them and enjoy free wifi service anywhere you go. Some of the services like NetZero can also be used from the comfort of your home. Instabrdge is recommended by websites like TechCrunch and AndroidAuthority. So there is no reason shady business here.

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