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Best Fiverr Gigs for Quick Money

You must have had best Fiverr Gigs Ideas, especially when you are trying to Make Quick Money with Fiverr. To get quick results, you should work on creating hot-selling gigs.

I am sure you’re going to love my list of best Fiverr gigs ideas. Also, I believe, that once you have an idea about the best gig, you will spend the time on the actual gig-making process rather than the boring research.  Plus it costs no money to start earning income on Fiverr.

Well, the idea is to save time here. As I have tested and earned $1,000+ by working on these gigs – you can just follow my lead. I believe if you follow the exact same pattern, you will also get the same result as I got.

This was my first earning month when I created a new profile and tested one gig.

gig earning

The same gig has earned me more in the next month and is still going strong. Alright! But what exactly I am going to show you here is the list of easy ideas you can implement today and start earning right now.

Note: You must have enough information before you really jump into it. Such as creating profiles and ranking your gigs. If you are unsure on how to do that, read this article completely.

Let’s Explore Some Fiverr Gigs Ideas:

I know some of you must be thinking that what I’m showing is not related to your field. For example, if you are a graphic designer, the SEO services will not work for you – and you’re right in a way. But don’t worry, I have a series of some amazing stuff for you today which can work for almost everyone. So, no matter what your core field is, you will be amazed how easy it is to make money.

I’ll try to discuss everything step by step and category-wise so that you don’t get lost. I am sure that not only these Fiverr gigs ideas will help you explore the best options/gigs ideas but they will also help you to make quick money with Fiverr.

Let’s start.

If you don’t have a Fiverr account yet, sign up here.

For Video Animators:

If you are a video animator and software like After Effects or Final Cut Pro are your things then there is a huge potential for you. But wait, I am not a video animator but even then I am making money with Videos creation services at Fiverr.

How? Let’s find out.

#1: Whiteboard Animation:

I am not saying it is necessary for you to be a perfect animator. You can make money with whiteboard animations using simple tools like Videoscribe Sparkol.

Meanwhile, please check how much I have earned through Whiteboard animations. The potential is huge.

whiteboard animation idea

Well, considering the above image, the seller has completed 1,289 orders, and 36 orders are pending. Back in the days, Fiverr pays $4 for one completed order. If we just go with calculations for what he has earned, 1289 x 4 = $5,156 and 36 x 4 = $144 are pending earnings – so, a total of $5300 is the earning from one gig.

Below is my personal case study.

whiteboard animation gig case studyDid you see it? It’s just about 1 order. I usually get more than $5 from a single order. It is because I charge $5 for 30 seconds animation which is super easy to make. On top of that, $10 for voice-over synchronization and $15 for voice-over recording. So, you see how much potential there is for video animators and how easy it is to make money?

The great thing about whiteboard animations is that it has huge potential, are super easy to make, and are always in demand. Just go to and search for “Whiteboard Animation”. You will be amazed to see the results.

Ideas for Extras:

  • Sell HD Videos (1080p) for about $20
  • Offer extra seconds for $5 to $10
  • Offer use of client’s images or watermark on videos for $5
  • Get ideas from other sellers
I have made more than $4,000+ using the same gig so far. What you need is Sparkol -VideoScribe for this purpose. Grab it now.

#2: Speed Drawing:

Another quick and easy-to-make service is “Speed Drawing”. See the potentials below.

speed drawing fiverr gigs.

From the image above, you can do the calculation.  Research and create your own gig and start making thousands. Don’t forget to let me know via comments how much you earned.

Ideas for Extras:

  • Sell HD Videos (1080p) for about $20
  • Add URL for $5
  • Check other sellers
I have made more than $4,000+ using the same gig so far. What you need is Sparkol -VideoScribe for this purpose. Grab it now.

For Graphics Designers:

Wow! I really mean wow for you if you are a designer. Let’s just not waste much time. Just keep calm in your seat because what I am going to show you now, will definitely be something really exciting.

Since there are lots of things we can do in graphics, the demand is immense. People are making $2,000+ a month just from a single gig. The best thing about this field is the fact that once you start getting regular orders, you can hire someone and establish your own business.

#1 Logo Designing:

It is a super, hot-selling item at the moment. If you are a creative person with experience in Photoshop and Illustrator, you are ready to work and earn thousands (or more).

logo designing gig

15965 orders and 782 in the queue. It’s huge!

Alright, let’s have a look at another one.

logo designing gig hot selling

And another one.

logo designing idea

Now here is one of my gigs – see how much was making and that too in one day.

logo designing gig case study

In my case, I just tested this gig for three days and earned $156 from the single gig.

Now let’s talk about extras you can cover with this.

Extras to sell:

  • Provide PSD or AI Files for $10 – $15
  • Make a favicon for a client’s blog or website for $5 to $10 (I have tested and it made $24 in 3 days for me).
  • Charge extra for High resolution of the logo for $10 to $15.
  • Just have a look at other sellers what they are offering and pick ideas.

#2 Business Card Designing:

Another hot one is “Business Card Designing.” Lots of businessmen, individuals, and companies need it and each buyer can give you more than $5 easily for a single piece of card. Make sure you design eye-catching stuff for your clients. Want to know how much you can make it? Have a look below.

business card designing

Do that math, please! Look at another one.

business card designing gig

Well, in my case, I was getting orders like these.

business card gig case study

However, it is not necessary you get orders like the above all the time. But somehow, I’ve noticed that about 5 out of 10 orders are like these.

Extras to Sell:

  • Offer a two-sided design for an additional $5.
  • Offer PSD or AI source files for $15 to $20.
  • Check what other sellers are doing.

#3 Flyers:

Another amazing gig is Flyer Designing. Tons of businesses need Flyers and Posters and are ready to pay you extras and a good amount of money for quality work done. Usually, one order can give you about $5 to $25 easily. Just have a look below.

flyer design gig

Here’s another one.

flyer designing

Well, I didn’t try this gig myself, but one of my friends is doing it, and he is earning well.


  • Offer PSD or AI File for $15 to $25.
  • Offer Print ready files for $10 to $20.
  • Check what others are doing.

#4 Infographics:

Infographics are trending these days. Most websites need them. Infographics are one of the best ways to present complicated information and engage users. If you’re good at it, a blogging website can hire you long-term as they usually require infographics all the time.

infographics gig

Check another.

infographics gig idea

Also, this one.

infographic gig ideas

So you see, this can also be a great idea to make a lot of money.


  • Offer a bundle of infographics.
  • Provide PSD or AI Files for about $10 to $20.
  • Check Others.

#5 Create Vector:

Creating a vector is not that difficult. You can purchase online software or you can do it in Adobe Illustrator as well. Buyers are ready to pay around $5 to $10 if you provide quality work. The demand for this service can be assessed by having a look below.

vector gig idea

Another one:

vector gig

Extras to Offer: 

  • Offer PSD or AI File or whatever you make.
  • Offer Favicon or Logo designing.
  • Check what others are doing.

There are more services you can do in the graphics section. You just need to put in some time for research. If you ask me, the ideas above are enough to get you started.

For Search Engine Optimizer:

SEO is one of the most in-demand skills these days. Whether you’re a company, an individual, or someone who wants an online presence – you’d want SEO. You can offer any service related to search marketing. Few of what I know which are really superb are mentioned below.

#1 Keyword Research:

If you have basic information about keyword research, you are good to go and can earn a good amount. Lots of small businesses and startups are looking for keyword research and when you provide a quality report, you can earn even earn $500 or $1,000+ a month just from this service. Have a look below.

keyword research gig

And another one.

keyword research gig idea

Well in my case, I tested the above gig and the result I got was amazing. The buyers are giving tips for about $10 to $15 easily and extras are also working on this.

keyword research gig case study


  • Premium domain name ideas.
  • URL submission in search engines.
  • Content writing service.
  • Check others.

#2 Content Writing:

Content writing is always in demand. If you’re good at it you can make as much as you want. Content can be written easily if you have sound experience and good English. You can offer 300, 400, or 500 words of an article and charge $5 for whatever you want. Have a look below.

content writing gig

Also, check

content writing gig idea

And another.

content writing idea

Google is always giving more weightage to websites with quality content – so, this skill will always be in trend. Also, if someone asks for additional words, you can charge as much as you can.

Extras Options:

  • Offer E-Book writing and charge about $50.
  • Offer more words. Every 300 words for an additional $5 (or more).
  • Check others for more ideas.

There are more services as well such as back linking, social bookmarking, and complete SEO service. If you are an expert, you can offer as many as you can. But for beginners, the above examples are enough to start with.

For WordPress Designers/Developers:

I’m good at WordPress. I’m an expert at starting blogs.  I started my journey as a WP designer and was able to make some good money. Things I used to do were tweaking, installation, customization, and more. There are many services you can do related to WordPress – below are some ideas that worked like a charm for me.

#1 Fixing or Customization:

Errors are possible, and most of webmasters or bloggers online are not technical, and hence they need a programmer or developer to fix their issues. If you are the one, just check out the potential below.

wordpress fixing idea

And also.

wordpress fixing gig

Well in my case when I was working on the same pattern, I used to get orders like below.

fixing gigs case sutdy

The buyers used to tell me about their problems, and I used to ask about the budget. All my buyers happily paid me $20, or even sometimes $40 for a single 10 minutes task. The wonderful thing is, that each buyer ordered more than once. Have a look below.

fixing gig case study

fixigin gig case study


  • A document providing information about the problem and fixing details.
  • A video recording while you fix the problem (This worked for me many times).
  • Offer on-page SEO service if you know it.
  • Check others.

#2 Installations and Blog Creation:

Ever since digital marketing and blogging became popular, thousands of people are joining the field on a daily basis. Non-technical people are always in search of design solutions. So, this can be another one you can do.

design wordpress site

Well, in my case, I used to get orders for about $20 to $45 on average for a single order in which I designed blogs.

blog designing gig case study

Also, you can try shifting blogs, migrating servers, designing themes, etc.


  • Provide Paid themes and charge $20 or more.
  • Offer layout changing service.
  • See others.

However, if you are not familiar with WordPress or blogs, you can learn how to start a blog and can offer the same service.

In fact, I have created several blogs for my clients and earned well.

What’s More?

Well, there are lots of services you can do at Fiverr, but the most in-demand Fiverr gigs ideas are the ones I listed above. All these ideas have been tested by me or my friends. They all have huge potential and can be started with a minimum effort.

If you want to do something that is not included in the list above, I suggest you should do thorough research before starting out.

Whatever you do, I wish you Good Luck.

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