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Starting a Business

Finding a Job vs. Freelancing/Starting a Business

OMG! Have you tried to find a job lately? Because I have and it sure is one tough world out there!

I haven’t really talked about it on here much, but I don’t really LOVE my FT job. In fact, I even went so far as to begin seeking alternative employment earlier this year.

While I was job searching, I found a few positions that I thought would be great. But there was a problem with every single one of them. Either the pay and benefits were nowhere close to what I’m making now, or the job would require a cross-country move (which I also don’t have funds for right now). But even though they didn’t work out, it was nice to get back out there and find out that I still have marketable skills (including my BS-ing skill, which is great for interviews). 🙂

Thank Goodness for the Internet

Boy the internet sure has made looking a for a job way easier. With tons of different job search sites, one of which you can check out here, it is easier than ever to find a job. You can now look for a job without even leaving the comfort of your PJs and your couch!

Once you’ve found a job you want to apply for, you can usually submit your resume and application online too. Thank you technology!

Most of the places I recently applied for job through held phone interviews for their first round to narrow down the applicant pool, which means even that step could be completed without having to get dressed or leave the house. But, don’t forget you will have to put on pants clothes if you want to make a good impression at the second in-person interview.

What about Freelancing or Starting a Business?

Now, I’m pretty lucky that the skills I current possess can be utilized in lots of different fields, but that isn’t always the case for everyone. Some people with very specific skill sets are stuck looking for jobs in only field or geographical area. When those people can’t find work, maybe freelancing or starting a business is the way to go.

Finding the nerve to put yourself out there and start your freelancing (or other business) is definitely the scariest part. Self-doubt always creeps in when I don’t get an immediate response and this can be a business killer. But, thanks in large part to Melanie’s reminders, I’ve finally silenced that self-doubt and decided there’s plenty of fish in the sea freelance jobs to be had. I just have to find them and put myself out there.

So if you aren’t having success with finding a “traditional” job, why haven’t you thought about freelancing yet?

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