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Financial Implications of Summer

Has the summer season started where you live yet? We’ve had a taste or two of summer weather here in the last week. Because it’s been exceptionally damp here the humidity has made it feel even hotter than it actually is much of the time. Unfortunately, it’s also made my hair a little unruly.

But that’s besides the point of this post.

Summer is a time of more fun with friends and for many people, a vacation or getaway.

All these season events can take a toll on your budget.

Not sure how? I’m glad you asked.

Spending More

-Entertainment. For me, Summer means more outdoor bar-be-ques and cookouts with friends and family. If you aren’t careful, these can be a budget buster because of the food and other items (ahem, beverages) you usually have at these events. 4th of July can also be a big spending holiday if you love shooting off fireworks like my family does. We usually spend about $50-75 on fireworks and spend the majority of the evening shooting them off for a few days around the 4th.

-Utilities. Similarly to winter, the cost of utilities usually goes up in the Summer months because of the AC running in your house and the sprinklers running on your lawn. Luckily, there are some ways you can try to keep your utility costs as low as possible during the summer without dying of a heat stroke.


I’m pretty cheap, so I keep my thermostat set pretty hot. Luckily, I get to escape to my full-time job where they keep it nice and cool during the day. 🙂

Spending Less

-Groceries. One of the best things about Summer is that fruits and vegetables are extra delicious because they are in-season, and that also makes them cheaper. YESS! 🙂 My grocery bill also tends to be less in the Summer (except for those cookouts) because I’m just not as hungry in the warm Summer months.

-Entertainment. Yes, this one is on both the spending more and spending less lists. Although I spend more on things like cookouts and 4th of July, I also tend to seek out and attend more free community events too. My hometown hosts lots of free or cheap events. We’ve had several 5Ks and half marathons for charity, there are lots of concerts from local singers and musical groups in our park downtown, and there’s the annual Art Walk downtown. As long as you don’t shell out for food at these events, they are usually free or extremely cheap.

How does Summer affect your budget? Do you spend more or less than normal in some of these areas because of the weather or special events?

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