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Financial Implications of Spring

Spring has finally sprung out in full force! (Which is good because I detest winter so much and I’m glad it’s finally over.)

Spring is definitely my favorite season of the year (except for Fall, I love it too!). I love all the freshness about it – flowers blooming, grass growing, etc.

All of these things make spring feel like a season of fresh starts and thus it’s always a good time to tackle projects like spring cleaning your home and your finances.

Believe it or not, the Spring season can actually have an effect on your budget.

Not sure how? I’m glad you asked!

Spending More

-Allergy Medicine. Ok, maybe it’s just me. But I spend a lot more money on allergy medicine at this time of year. While I love all the flowers blooming and grass greening up, it does mean more pollen in the air, which means an increase in spending on allergy medicine for me.

-Outdoor Projects. Spring is when outdoor projects typically begin. Last year I seeded my front lawn. Put in new landscaping and bricks, and put rain gutters on the outside of my house. I also planted a few flowers to spruce things up. This year I’ll be tackling a few projects in my back yard.

-Food. Once Spring gets here I spend more on food for grilling outdoors and having cookouts with friends. Luckily, we take turns providing the food when we get together, and it’s still way cheaper than going out to eat.

Spending Less

-Energy. I turned off my furnace April 1. I’m excited to be able to use Mother Nature to heat and cool my home for at least a couple of months before summer really sets in and I have to turn on my AC. Additionally, now that the sun is out longer, I can usually get away with using less lights around the house in the evenings for at least a couple of hours. Until then, I’ll be able to enjoy some nice low energy bills.

-Food. It’s not quite time to put in a garden yet, but nonetheless, food costs go down in the Spring and as you get closer to Summer as more and more produce is in season. I picked up a pineapple the other day that was on sale and perfectly ripe! I sure missed having all these cheap produce choices this winter.

-Entertainment and Exercise. Some entertainment costs go down in the Spring as the weather is nicer and the sun is out longer. This means that I’m able to “entertain” myself by doing things outside for free instead of being limited to indoor activities due to the cold. Likewise, exercise costs go down if you are a seasonal gym member. Now that you are able to work out outside, you can ditch your gym membership until the weather turns cold again later this year.

How does Spring affect your budget? Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Are you a seasonal gym rat?

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