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December/January Blog Income Update

I totally fell behind a little bit and forgot to update y’all on my December and January blog income and expenses. But, I’m here to remedy that now! The numbers below are actually December and January combined – a far cry from our awesome month in November but still decent considering it was the holidays and lots of people took several weeks off.

Also, I’ve now owned RDS for a half a year now, which is awesome. Time just flies. I’m happy with all the work that’s been done over here and for Kayla’s efforts in managing the site and all our great guest posters who have been willing to tell their stories. I love spreading some financial education all around the interwebs in a fun and unique way. I also love that we are able to generate an income without a lot of hours required on my end. Obviously, this didn’t happen overnight. I’ve been blogging for almost five years now so it’s taken me a while to learn how to make an income from blogging, but it is a great job and I encourage anyone who is interested in it to go for it!

So, without further ado:

Fifth and Sixth Month’s Income:


Affiliate and Direct Advertising: $1,410.00


Help With the Blog: $523.00 (As many of you know, I have help in the form of virtual assistants here on RDS, and I also pay to regularly update the technical side of things.)

Guest Posts: $20 (We pay $5 per guest post to help people with their finances, and we had 3 guest posts in December and 1 in January.)

So, Earnings – Expenses =

Total Income: $867.00 in profit

Since buying the blog last July, I have generated almost $3,000 after expenses with minimal hours on my end. I say this every time we do an income update over here, but this is just RDS income and does not include my income generated from my other websites, coaching fees, or freelance writing jobs.

How was your January side hustle income? Ours was a little low across the board, but February is shaping up to be great.

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Erin Thompson spent years managing her own blog about budgeting and debt. Because of that, she has great insights not only about managing spending and borrowing but also about running websites profitably. When she's not writing articles for us, she's traveling and looking for new types of wines to try.
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