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Benefits of Being Self Employed

Are you sick of your same old nine to five job, being ordered around by a boss you hate, and doing the same work day in and day out? Well, there is a simple solution. It may sound like a daunting idea but self-employment is your way out, and it’s not as hard as you think. There are plenty of options for those looking at self-employment – you can implement your own business concept by establishing your own start-up business like Telcoinabox or you could buy in to an existing business. Read on and find out why you should become self-employed.

You Are Your Own Boss

When you become self-employed you become your own boss. You make all the decisions. By being self-employed you can earn more money by not having a set salary. You decide how you do your job, so long as your customer is happy with the final product. The hours you work are entirely up to you – you could make it nine to five or five to nine. With self-employment comes the freedom to choose where you work as well. If the job allows it, you could work from home or work in all different locations. Changing up your work setting may help you be more productive and creative. Just imagine this being your view everyday:

Choose Your Customers

Your customers become your bosses, but you choose who you work for. If you don’t want to do a particular job there is no one there to force you – you get the chance to just say no and move on to the next customer. Even if it is as simple as not liking one of your “bosses” you have no obligation to stick around and work for them. Though at the same time you may have to fight for a good customer, giving you the chance to prove yourself in your industry.

Job Security

Self-employment brings with it a higher level of job security. Because your clients become your boss, you will no longer answer to just one person. If you lose a client or they don’t like your work, you will still have a number of other clients and customers to turn to, keeping you as busy as you’d like to be. As often happens, your situation can change as you work, and you will have to adapt how you work and what your business does. The option to alter for your job is often not available to those working in a business and if the market changes it can result in unemployment.

Take a Look at Franchises

Starting your own business can be very daunting. For a more stress free approach to self-employment, you can look at becoming part of a franchise. Franchises offer the chance to run your own business, in the way you want to, but with all the extra advantages of being part of a larger organization. When you buy in to a franchise, you often have the initial setup issues such as branding, product or service development, and customer identification already solved for you. In this situation, you simply need to focus on rolling the product or service out to your customer base.

With those benefits, how can you not want to become self-employed? What other reasons do you have for seeking self-employment?

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