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Credit Cards

6 Credit Cards That Offer Credit Scores for Free

So you have been paying your credit card bill on time and want to stay updated with your credit score? You are on the right track. Checking your credit score periodically will provide you valuable feedback. You can use this feedback to continue to build credit as you don’t when you will need to borrow money in the future.

Here are 6 credit cards that offer credit scores for free. Some on the financial institutions in the list also provide free credit scores to users who are not their customers.

1. Capital One

CreditWise is a free service provided by Capital One that allows you to check your credit score and related information for free. By creating a free account, you also get to learn the key factors that impact your VantageScore 3.0 credit score. You also get email updates every time there is a change in your TransUnion credit report. You can do all this without affecting your credit score. 

2. USAA Bank

USAA banks have a free program known as CreditCheck that lets you check your credit score for free. They have teamed up with a reputed financial institution like Experian to keep up updated on your credit reports. Unlike other free credit monitoring plans, this plan is only for USAA members. Moreover, to keep the credit information safe and secure, USAA also offers a free fraud resolution support to its members.

3. Walmart Credit Card

Even Wallmart offers a free credit score to its cardholders. Although you do need to enroll in their electronic statements service. Moreover, they also provide the top two reason codes that may be keeping your score low. So, why let such minor reasons hold you back from having a perfect credit score.

4. Commerce Bank

With Commerce Bank, you get to check your credit score on your monthly credit card statement. A lot of people would actually prefer this as the bank keeps you updated with you having to sign in and check your credit score. Along with your FICO score, Commerce Bank also educates you on the factors that might be keeping your credit score low. By addressing these factors you can improve your FICO score before it gets too late.

5. American Express

American Express offers a free service to their credit card users called “MyCredit Guide”. Using this guide, users can know their credit score and understand the process in an in-depth manner. MyCredit Guide is also available to people who are not American Express customers. To get your credit card scores for free, all you have to do is create a free account and login. You can log in anytime you want and it won’t affect your credit score at all.

6. US Bank

US Bank has a service called CreditView which lets you check your credit score anytime you want. They have partnered up with a credit card bureau called TransUnion. Hence, you can all your latest credit reports with a click of a button. You score is updated once a month by US Bank. To help you visualize, they also have a score simulator which tells you where you can be after taking actions recommended by the US bank.


A good credit score is more important than you think. People with FICO scores greater than 800 are more likely to get their auto or home loan approved. That too, with a considerably low-interest rate. Staying updated with your credit score is one of the vital steps in building good credit.

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