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4 Tips On Negotiating A Divorce Settlement

Are you a working woman who’s thinking about getting a divorce? Not all marriages end up well. Some have their gritty moments and harsh elements. With a frayed marital relationship, getting a divorce is usually considered a feasible option. If you have thought about separation, it is wise to hire and consult a professional family law attorney to help in negotiating your settlement with the spouse and guide you through the legal process, should you choose to go to court. Below I have provided five ways to settle a divorce agreement without having to go through any legal proceedings.

Check Your Finances

It is good to review your finances with your lawyer to get a limpid insight into the amount you can pay off as child support, alimony, and any other settlement expenses. It is good to have a local attorney, who is an expert with your state’s laws for divorce settlements, to guide you along the way. For example, if you are getting divorced in Ballston Spa, NY, then consult an NY family law attorney. He will let you know about your finances and prepare a proposal, which you can discuss with your Almost Ex.

Understand The State Laws & Best/Worst Case Situation

Negotiation is an art and takes patience and deliberation. It is wise to discuss with your lawyer regarding the best and worst case scenarios of your divorce. If discussing matters with your spouse does not bring a fruitful result, avoid the negotiation process and head straight to the court. Be patient, and think about your decision from a neutral perspective. Furthermore, learn about state laws to know what is expected of you in your divorce settlement. This will also help you create your proposal and negotiate better with your spouse.

Show Apathy and Understanding

Considering settlements usually takes time. It is reasonable to expect a few rounds of discussions with your Almost Ex. Have your lawyer facilitate these discussions and present your proposal. Generally, subjects like child support and asset distribution are hard to discuss but you should be optimistic. Listen to what your spouse has to say and be reasonable when negotiating such points. Show understanding for the spouse’s claims and their specific needs and requirements. Go for a win-win situation rather than meeting personal interests. Avoid criticism and playing a victim. Be more amiable and work together to see how you could settle matters in the most positive way.

Be Prepared to Make Compromises

If you want to settle matters out of court, be prepared to make compromises and practice generosity. With a proposal in hand and a clear knowledge of your duties and responsibilities, it should not be hard to sign a settlement agreement with your spouse. Just be compromising, rational and willing to make it work.

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