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What Kind of Credit Card Can You Get with Your Credit Score?

If you’re wondering and mumbled to yourself: “What type of credit card can I get with my credit score?” then you ought to consider that credit card companies give you the best deals based on 5 credit score quality ranges: excellent, good, fair, poor or bad, and no credit.

The right kind of credit card can give you a head start towards a better financial future if it’s your first time to apply for a credit card. It takes time, hard work, discipline and some smarts to establish excellent credit for your future home mortgage or car loan.

The founders of big business like McDonald’s, Starbucks and WalMart started small using other people’s money through the power of good to excellent credit.

On the downside, the wrong type of credit card that doesn’t fit your lifestyle, means or situation can damage your credit or lower your credit score.

Choose the best credit card for you based on your credit score quality to get surefire approval and prudently secure your financial health or safely fix your damaged credit caused by the bad economy.

Best Credit Cards by Credit Score Quality

720 to 850: Best Offers for Excellent Credit
People with excellent credit get the best credit card deals offers at the top of the consumer chain. Find compare the rates, fees and perks here.

680 to 720: Great Deals Good Credit
People with good credit usually get lower interest rates, minimal fees and some bonus or reward. Look for information here when you have good credit.

640 to 680: Top Selections for Fair Credit
Individuals with fair credit have a multitude of credit cards choose from that fit their lifestyle. See our top selections for fair credit.

350 to 640: Practical Options for Bad Credit
Individuals with poor credit get likely approvals for this type of credit cards. Get a feel of what it takes to rebuild your damaged credit. Start here.

Popular Offers

Rewards Cards Capital One® VentureSM Rewards Credit Card Cash Back & No Fee Cards Chase Freedom® Visa Low Interest Credit Cards Applied Bank® Visa® Business Card Bad or Limited Credit Cards Capital One® Secured MasterCard® Note that the 3 major credit bureaus provide 3 credit reports and, hence, 3 slightly different credit scores. Although all 3 credit bureaus base their official credit scores on the FICO brand of credit scores, each credit bureau has slightly different information. Hence, the credit score quality ranges keep things simple.

It makes good sense to apply for a credit card based on your credit score quality range as credit card companies pull your credit reports and approve or reject your application based on any or all of your 3 credit scores from the 3 credit bureaus. Hint: Numerous inquiries into your credit reports can pull down your credit scores and negatively affect your credit.

Eventually, the kind of credit card that you can get based on your credit score should fit your lifestyle, have costs that you can easily afford and manage, and improve the quality of your life!