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Visa Credit Cards

Everyone knows Visa. Although Visa does not offer financial services and products, such as credit cards to consumers and businesses, it enables banks to offer credit cards and other payment services to almost everywhere in the world. Jointly owned by thousands of financial institutions worldwide, Visa has become the world’s largest and most advanced consumer payments processing entity.

Accessible anytime and anywhere, Visa credit cards are now being used as payment brand all over the world. Reports reveal that cardholders from different parts of the world carry more than 1 billion credit cards, which are Visa-branded. Aside from its accessibility and availability, Visa offers a lot of additional benefits. Some Visa-branded cards offers extended purchase warranty, theft coverage and rental car collision on rental cars which have been paid using a Visa Card, roadside assistance service, and emergency cash disbursement. Most importantly, Visa cardholders need not worry when their cards get stolen. Visa has a zero liability policy that removes any liability from the cardholder on any fraudulent transactions made.

Among the most popular Visa-branded credit cards are: Capital One® VentureOneSM Rewards Credit Card, Capital One® VentureSM Rewards Credit Card, Capital One® Cash Rewards, U.S. Bank FlexPerks® Travel Rewards Visa Signature® card, BBVA Compass ClearPoints Credit Card, Card, Chase, U.S. Bank Visa® Platinum Card, Disney’s Premier Visa® Card, and Citi Simplicity® Card.

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