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The Most Easiest Ways to Earn Travel Rewards

For the people whose job involves a lot of traveling, it has become imperative to make the best of the travel rewards system offered by credit card and airline companies. If you are looking to save money on flights, I would like to tell you that there is more than one way to earn travel rewards. This post is intended to share with you some easy ways to earn travel rewards.

Here are the easiest ways to earn travel rewards

1) Start shopping with your credit card instead of cash

Most people are skeptical about overusing their credit cards. And it makes complete sense to do so. But if you’re using a credit card which lets you earn points with your purchases, there is no reason to use cash. Every time you make a purchase with a credit card, you earn points, earn enough and it could pay for your next trip abroad.

2) Sign-up for a Frequent-flyer program

If your work involves a lot of flying and more overall travel than signing up for a Frequent-flyer program might be the easiest way to earn travel rewards. Since the company you work for is paying for the travel expenses, you can use your travel credit card to book flights and earn rewards without putting in a penny. You can also use the same card for other purchases.

3) Pick one airline and stick to it

Pick any airline that is a part of the global airline alliance like Star Alliance. Airlines complying with Star Alliance or any other alliance accept airline miles from other airlines belonging to the same alliance. So, you get the flexibility to choose the cheapest flight while collecting the airline miles. Having said that, make sure you have a default airline company for your travels. Pick others only when they offer cheaper flight tickets.

4) Dine out restaurants that accept credit cards

It is tempting to try out local food while on the road in a foreign country. And you should explore local street food on your visits to other countries but also try to dine out at restaurants that accept credit cards. With a travel credit card, you can earn 2-4 points for each dollar spent. So, why not earn travel rewards instead of using cash payment.

5) Always shop at a credit card bonus mall

Credit card issuers like Chase and Citi present their customers an offer to shop for their private shopping online portal. This portal is usually managed by the credit card company itself; in conjunction with major eCommerce players like Amazon, Target, WholeFoods, etc. NerdWallet has a very good blog post on credit card bonus malls


Travel credit cards are great when it comes to collecting and redeeming rewards points. But keep in mind that you should never purchase items that have an interest. Also, make monthly payments on time with the overall balance being as low as possible. 

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