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List and Short Summary of the Best Credit Cards with Top Rewards

With more than a hundred choices on credit cards with rewards, how does one evaluate the best credit cards rewards? We took on a few sample credit cards with probably the best rewards to help you evaluate each offer. You’ll have to consider several factors like APRs, your credit rating, annual fees and so on to weigh the costs of your rewards program choices.

Let’s consider a few cards so you get the hang on how to make the right choice that fits your needs and lifestyle. Let’s start. The Discover it card from Discover continues the company’s tradition of giving back to the cardholder with a plethora of rewards, and Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card and Citi Thank You Card are also intent on rewarding their cardholders.

What are these Rewards?

Credit card companies have become very creative with their rewards programs. No one reward is going to appeal to everyone. This is why credit cards have so many different options. Some people like gift cards while others prefer travel miles.

To examine what a card might offer as rewards, let’s use the Discover it card as an example: Cash back and Discover go hand-in-hand. With this card you get 20% cash back when you buy at Discover’s online store. You can also get 5% back when you use your card to make purchases related to gas, travel, dining out, movie tickets and home improvements. These items are placed in rotating categories and earn 5% cash back only at certain times of the year when they are subject to the 5% cash back.

With Discover it, all purchases not covered under the 5% cash back program automatically fall under the 1% cash back program. Thus every purchase is earning cash back rewards be it at 1% or 5%. Cash back points can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise and cash. Points can be sometimes double when redeemed for certain items such as hotel reservations, trips and other purchases. More bonus points can also be earned when you use your card to pay household bills such as the electric bill, water bill, and cable bill and so on.

Capital One VentureOne Rewards Card is a great credit card for travelers, especially travelers who prefer to fly. Frequent flyers can take advantage of the VentureOne card rewards program that allows cardholders to earn 1.25 miles with every $1 charge to the credit card. A great aspect of this rewards system is that the miles earned never expire and there is no limit on the number of miles that can be earned.

The miles acquired through this rewards program can be used to buy plane tickets, rent cars, pay for hotel rooms, set sail on a cruise ship and many other travel related purchases. However, the rewards are not limited to travel purchases. Miles can be redeemed for cash, gift cards and the purchase of many other items.

One of the more appealing aspects of the ThankYou rewards program is that cardholders have choices. When rewards programs are too rigid they tend to turn consumers away rather than entice them.

The Citi ThankYou Card rewards program allows the cardholder to earn 1 rewards point for every $1 of purchases. This means that all items purchased will go toward earning rewards points and there is no limit on the number of points that can be gained. Once enough points have been accumulated they can be used to purchase gift cards, to pay for travel expenses and they can be converted to cash as well.

Why are Rewards so Popular?

Earning rewards points and gifts give cardholders a chance to see credit cards in a different light. Many people don’t take time to consider their credit card accounts until they are sitting down to pay the bills. This can lead to a negative feeling toward credit cards and credit card use.

Rewards and the earning of rewards add a bit of fun to using credit cards, especially when you sit down and start figuring out how many more points you need to purchase that cruise you have been dreaming about or some other purchase that you are looking forward to.

Whether you see it the same way, there is no arguing that some people view rewards as free money, and they take great satisfaction in being able to get as much of that money as possible in the form of rewards that can be converted to items they desire.

Rewards programs can be a win-win proposition for the cardholder and the card issuer. The programs have created a boost in the use of credit cards, which is good news for the credit card industry. Consumers who spend wisely and do not purchase items they would not otherwise purchase simply to earn rewards can also benefit.

Credit cards with the best rewards are simply those that help you fulfill your dream vacation or some other reward that you have been hoping for at the least possible cost in terms of interest rates, and other fees and charges. It’s like saving money while having fun doing it. Take a look at our more than a hundred selections and choose one that you like best with the least possible cost in mind.