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Advertiser Disclosure: We may have financial relationships with companies listed on our site. We may receive compensation for placement of sponsored products or services and this may affect our decision about who to promote and where to promote them. We make every effort to be authentic and accurate with every article we write.


Spending plays a big role in building wealth.

The more money that goes out, the less that your wealth grows, so spending has a direct impact on your financial wellbeing. Not only that, spending on the right products and services can ensure you don’t waste your money.

At CashBlog, we offer tips about ways to manage spending and we offer product and service reviews that help you make informed spending decisions.

Cost of Maintaining a Pool: Everything You Need To Know

Warmer weather means more time spent by the pool. Whether swimming laps, reading a book or lounging on a floatie, there’s nothing quite like a

Review of Lantern Press Canvas Tote Bag

I recently bought a Lantern Press canvas tote bag to use for carrying my books at school.  This is a review that shares how I

A Baseball Enthusiast’s Review of the Baum Bat 

The Baum Bat is a baseball bat made from wood composite material.  Baum states that 20 years of extensive research and aerospace engineering went into

Review of Andy’s Auto Sport

Overall Andy’s Auto Sport Review Score:  4.1/5 Andy’s Auto Sport, or Andy’s as they’re affectionately known by many, is an online business that sells car

Review of SEO Dude

Overall SEO Dude Review Score:  4.8/5 SEO Dude is a company that offers SEO services.  It’s run by Eric Ferguson, who seems to be deserving

Saving Money on Decorating Toddler Rooms

  One of the things I’m looking forward to most about having kids is dressing them up in cute little outfits, and decorating their first

Saving money tips for smokers: Is vaping cheaper than buying Cigarettes?

Does Vaping Help You Save Money Compared to Buying Cigarettes?   According to a report published by the Food Drug and Administration, over 1 million


5 Steps to Freshen Up Your Home for Spring

Spring is the season of bloom and freshness. Bringing the feeling at home spreads positivity and cheer. Spring cleaning is one of the activities that

How to Spend Less on Shopping

  When asked why we like to shop, most of us would agree that buying just makes us feel good. And we’re not far off.

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