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At CashBlog, we love to talk about investing.  It’s one of our specialties.

We’re so obsessed with investing that we’ve even done our own internal stock market research.

Beyond that, our staff has decades of investing experience between the stock market, real estate, crypto, forex, and precious metals.  We have writers who specialize in each niche, and we’re happy to share our investing expertise with you.

10 Worst States for Retirement

  The kids are gone, the house is paid for, and you never have to work another day again. How do you decide where to

Why Buying an Apartment Building is Risky if You’re Not Handy with Tools

  If you’re planning to buy a rental property as an investment, it could be risky if you don’t have a lot of hands-on experience

Best Ways Make Money in the Stock Market

How do you make money in the stock market? We have actionable answers here that are based on bonafide statistical research.

Turbocharged Pullbacks

For many people, there is almost a perpetual hunt for ways to make money in the stock market. As regular readers of CashBlog know, we

The Market’s Average Rate of Return for the Last 90 Years

According to CNBC, the average annualized total return for the S&P 500 index over the past 90 years is 9.8 percent.  That’s based on data

401k plan

5 Facts About the 401(k) Plan That Will Instantly Put You in a Good Mood

How would you feel if the IRS offered to take care of retirement planning and investment for you? Well, this is what a 401(k) retirement

Money investor

Automating Your Finances

Automation is often equated with greater efficiency. This is absolutely the case when it comes to automating your finances. There are few other personal finance

online banking

Top 5 Online Banking Services

The first online banking service was offered to Americans back in 1994. As is the case with many things here in Australia, it took many

Buy gold

Find the Right Time to Buy Gold

Success in the gold market is all about timing, but maybe not the way you think. Don’t buy gold at any time or any price

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