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Borrowing is a critical part of the financial picture for any person or business.

It can be the key to buying a house or helping your business maintain working capital. And for many, the ability to avoid borrowing can make a huge difference in things like saving for retirement.

At CashBlog, we recognize the importance of your borrowing decisions and we’re here to provide you with expert insights to help guide you.

What is Credit Monitoring?

You’ve seen the ads on TV and over the Internet for credit monitoring services and identity theft protection. If you’re like most people,you wonder what

Best Cash Back Credit Cards

Cash back credit cards are generally offered to consumers with the best credit ratings, and issuers are getting more aggressive in their attempts to offer

Best Secured Credit Cards

Bank secured credit cards are issued when customers make deposits. For instance, a $200 deposit could be equal to a $200 line of credit. It

Best Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers

Credit card balance transfers are perfect for transferring your balances from other credit cards that have higher interest onto one card with a lower rate.

Best Zero Interest Credit Cards

Banks and credit cards make money by charging interest. If you think a credit card with 0 APR sounds too good to be true you’re

Credit Counseling Services to Repair Your Credit

Each year thousands of Americans seek professional credit counseling as a solution to consumer debt management. Through no fault of their own, many people struggle

Credit Scores Versus Credit Ratings

Many people don’t realize that their consumer credit rating is so much more than just a number. It is the key to financial opportunities they

How The Credit Bureaus Calculate Credit Scores

Every time you apply for credit, your past borrowing history is carefully examined.  Banks, finance companies, credit unions and credit card providers all make lending

Understanding Credit Reports

Credit plays a critical role in our ability to make good financial decisions throughout life, for our families and ourselves.  Without it, many of us

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